Economic Development in China

In previous iterations, this IFS, through visits to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai exposed students to the transitional economy and the business environment in China. Through visits and seminars at host universities, companies, and government offices students gained first-hand knowledge of the structure of the Chinese economy and how domestic and foreign companies do business there. Students had opportunities to directly interact with Chinese government officials, company executives and university faculty and students.

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Leveraging Country Brands in Peru and Chile

In previous iterations, this IFS focused on the growth of both the Chilean and Peruvian economies over the past few decades and the cultural, economic and political reasons behind this growth. Students examined how each country is leveraging its image to drive business and tourism. Students met with corporate leaders in local industries such as energy, construction, finance and IT as well as explored cultural landmarks in Chile and Lima, Peru. Led by Dr. Christopher J. Robertson, Professor of International Business and Strategy.

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