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Thailand and Vietnam: Emerging Market Challenges and Opportunities

This IFS will focus on the growth of the economies of Thailand and Vietnam over the past few decades as well as the challenges that each country faces during this period of transition. The cultural, economic and political context of each country will be examined in the context of emerging markets. We will also study how each country is leveraging its image to drive business and tourism. Students will meet with corporate leaders in local industries such as textiles, construction, finance, hospitality, education and IT. We will also explore cultural landmarks in Thailand and Vietnam. Led by Dr. Christopher J. Robertson, Professor of International Business and Strategy.

Morocco and Portugal: From Emerging to Developed Markets

Morocco and Portugal are two countries at different stages of economic development. Portugal is a developed country, while Morocco is still developing, with a per capita income about ¼ the level of Portugal. We will compare these two countries to explore how economic, socio-cultural, historic, and political forces shape the path and level of economic development. This IFS will include company visits and meetings with experts, as well as exploring cultural and historic sites in the two countries. Led by Ravi Sarathy, Professor, International Business & Strategy, D’Amore-McKim School of Business.

Israel: The Land of Technology and Innovation

Through visits to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, this IFS will focus on Israel’s high tech and innovative business environment and historical culture. Students will visit with start-up, venture capital and multinational companies and government agencies to gain first-hand knowledge of the Israeli economy and business acumen. We will also explore cultural and historical sites in and around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Led by Dr. Felicia Lassk, Associate Professor of Marketing, D’Amore-McKim School of Business.