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Is human capital healthcare’s biggest asset?

Timothy Hoff, professor of management, healthcare systems, and health policy, was recently featured in a News@Northeastern article describing his published article based on ongoing collaborative research with colleagues from Oxford University’s Said Business School and Green-Templeton College, in the January issue of the British Journal of Healthcare Management.


February 7, 2017

Timothy Hoff's research found that healthcare employees are collaborating with one another to provide affordable healthcare to patients. Photo by iStock.

As the price of healthcare continues to rise, with a projected 2016 healthcare tab of $10,000 per person, many healthcare providers and subscribers are trying to find the least expensive plan that affords the best care possible. In his recent research “The Health­care Pro­fes­sional Work­force: Under­standing Human Cap­ital in a Changing Industry”, published in The British Journal of Healthcare, Timothy Hoff found that healthcare employees are collaborating with one another to provide better, more affordable care.

“This team-​​based approach is still a work in progress,” says Hoff, “but the goal is to increase effi­ciency and deliver higher quality care within a com­pressed time frame.”

This new system calls for medical professionals such as physician assistants and nurse practitioners to have a greater role in the medical field, taking on more responsibility than before. By doing so, nurses will perform some duties a doctor once performed, while their medical assistants take on some of their tasks in return.

“There simply aren’t enough physi­cians to pro­vide all the care,” Hoff explains. “To make up for that, other health­care pro­fes­sionals are being exposed to better training in school and then being given a chance to do more com­plex work.”

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