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D'Amore-McKim experiences significant faculty growth since its naming

When business leaders and Northeastern University alumni Richard D'Amore and Alan McKim joined forces to make a historic investment of $60 million to their former school, they ignited a transformation that led to much more than a name change.


February 19, 2016

When business leaders and Northeastern University alumni Richard D’Amore and Alan McKim joined forces to make a historic investment of $60 million to their former school, they ignited a transformation that led to much more than a name change.

In the three years since that momentous naming gift, the school has seen significant growth, adding 10 new hires in tenured positions and a 25 percent increase in faculty overall. This growing community of prominent experts and pioneering scholars is setting the standard for global business education.

D’Amore-McKim faculty continue to grow their strong editorial board leadership and membership at top journals while also increasing research productivity, seeing a 34 percent rise in publications in top journals since 2012.

Calling upon their extensive real-world industry experience and their applicable business research, D’Amore-McKim professors integrate authentic learning opportunities into their rigorous coursework. They also foster a strong connection to the business world through their advisory roles on numerous boards and consulting practices with Fortune 500 companies, utilizing their research findings to inform best practices.

The business school welcomed 26 new faculty members for the 2015-2016 academic year. They are furthering D’Amore-McKim’s unique ability to bridge the gap between world-class academics and meaningful business application.

Meet some of our proven leaders

rajesh aggarwal - proven leader

Rajesh Aggarwal

Professor, Finance
PhD Harvard University

Aggarwal, a distinguished expert in corporate governance and the economics of organizations, examines how motivations drive managerial behavior.

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Ruth V. Aguilera

Professor, International Business and Strategy
PhD Harvard University

Aguilera, a newly elected member of the Strategic Management Society board of directors, is a leading scholar on global strategy and corporate governance in emerging-market firms.

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Paula Caligiuri

Distinguished Professor, International Business and Strategy
Founder and Director, Cultural Agility Leadership Lab
PhD The Pennsylvania State University

Caligiuri is the founder and director of the Cultural Agility Leadership Lab, D’Amore-McKim’s corporate-sponsored international volunteerism program in partnership with the National Peace Corps Association.

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John Dencker

Associate Professor, Management and Organizational Development
PhD Harvard University

Dencker is an expert in entrepreneurship, labor markets, and organizational restructuring. He examines the effects of corporate restructuring on employment and workplace dynamics.

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Amir Grinstein

Associate Professor, Marketing
PhD The Hebrew University

Grinstein, a Journal of Marketing editorial board member, is an expert on the interface between marketing and public policy, especially in social and environmental contexts.

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Mark Huselid

Distinguished Professor, International Business and Strategy
Director, Center for Workforce Analytics
PhD State University of New York

Huselid, a pioneer of the strategic human resources field, brings instrumental findings and leadership to D’Amore-McKim’s new workforce analytics research and executive programming initiatives.

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Samina Karim

Associate Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
PhD University of Michigan

Karim is an expert in organization design, acquisitions and alliances, and the reconfiguration and redeployment of resources and activities.

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Jayant Kale

Philip R. McDonald Chair and Professor, Finance
PhD University of Texas at Austin

Kale, an expert in corporate finance, produces research that informs large publicly listed corporations and institutional investors about the role of product market considerations in corporate finance policies.

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Nada R. Sanders

Distinguished Professor, Supply Chain and Information Management
PhD The Ohio State University

Sanders is a renowned expert in business forecasting, data-driven business decision-making, and global supply chain management. She is frequently called upon as an expert witness in the area of forecasting.

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Fernando Suarez

Jean C. Tempel Professor, Entrepreneurship and Innovation
PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Suarez is a top innovation scholar whose widely-cited research spans the areas of industry evolution, innovation and technology strategy, categorical dynamics, and entry timing strategies.

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