Northeastern Magazine

James Pallotta, MBA'81 and President of A.S. Roma, talks Northeastern

By: Bill Ibelle

When James Pallotta, MBA'81, left Northeastern, his career took off like a rocket. He quickly established himself as an investment prodigy and rose to the top of several prominent firms before founding his own investment company, the Raptor Group, in 2009.

When he bought a controlling interest in the A.S. Roma soccer team in 2012, no one was surprised that he declared his intention to transform the struggling franchise into “the premier sports brand in the world.” You don’t go from a tiny walk-up in Boston’s North End to being a multimillionaire hedge fund manager by thinking small.

"Investing is like detective work," he says. "At Northeastern, I got a strong background in financial analysis. I then combined that with the other elements of investing, which are psychology and street smarts."

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