Dean Courtney tells graduates to "re-optimize" in an unpredictable world

By: John Myers

Dean Hugh Courtney addresses DMSB graduates at Matthews Arena.

Addressing nearly 450 newly-minted graduates of the D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Dean Hugh Courtney challenged the Class of 2015 to continually “re-optimize” in an unpredictable world.

“Never Lose the Courage to Re-optimize,” he said. “I realize that this probably sounds like business school professor jargon, so let me put it more simply: Don’t be afraid to change your mind!”

Courtney made his remarks during the 2015 Senior Ceremony, a special event held May 7th at Matthews Arena for the more than 900 students who earned BSBA and BSIB degrees this year. The program, which also featured student speaker Brandy Mitnick and the bestowing of various honors and awards to students and faculty, served as prelude to Northeastern University’s 113th Commencement at TD Garden the following day.

Warning against inertia, Courtney took note of the uncertainty awaiting graduates in a competitive work world that demands self-reflection and the never-ending pursuit of relevant knowledge and skills. More importantly, he said graduates would need to find the courage to make career and life-changing choices “knowing that one can never be certain that it will work out the way we envisioned.”

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Among the numerous honors bestowed at the 2015 Senior Ceremony, Professors Edward Dinan, Paul Fombelle, and Mark Gooley were nominated for the General Electric Best Teacher Award, and Gooley was selected as the winner. Uyen-Chi (Olivia) Nguyen was given the 2015 Fulbright Teaching Assistantship Award.

The Hobart Award went to Caroline Gerner. Jordan Hassett, Elizabeth Taistra, and Cristina Piedrahita Tobon earned Edward Willett Awards. And the Sears B. Condit Award went to Jordan Hassett, YuJlie Lin, Matthew Saitta, and Cristina Piedrahita Tobon.

Numerous students were also honored as inductees into Beta Gamma Sigma and the FMA National Honor Society. Dean Courtney also recognized the D'Amore-McKim students who made the cut for the Huntington 100.