Northeastern Global Officers Named

At the recent State of University, President Joseph Aoun revealed the highly anticipated outcome of the student contest to become his first-ever co-op. The position of Global Officer will involve exploring the world for six months to identify new opportunities for students and ways for Northeastern to further its world­wide impact. The president said he was blown away by the impressive applicants and had narrowed the field down to two finalists: Caitlin Morelli, SSH’16, and Matt Bilotti, DMSB’15.

The normally decisive Aoun admitted that he couldn’t decide between the two, so he picked both Morelli and Bilotti to serve as the university’s first two Global Officers, much to the students’ and audience’s delight.

Caitlin Morelli, SSH’16, and Matt Bilotti, DMSB’15, were named by President Aoun as his first-ever co-ops: the Global Officers. Photo by Matthew Modoono.

Morelli and Bilotti will continue to build Northeastern’s momentum, which Aoun attributed to the hard work and dedication of many others throughout the university community. 

Northeastern, Aoun said, is at the forefront of higher education in emphasizing the mission of personalized education, of which co-op is the ultimate form. The model is geared toward creating personalized and flexible curricula and opportunities for students.

With this in mind, he issued a charge to students, telling them to “Seize these opportunities with all your passion.” He added that faculty and staff must make it their charge to support students in this endeavor, noting that “Our success will be measured in the difference we make, one student at a time.”