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Global CSCMP Conference Report

Zoe Bergin, D'Amore-McKim School of Business undergraduate student, recounts her time at the Annual Global Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Conference.


By: Zoe Bergin, DMSB'16

October 7, 2014

BerginZoe Bergin is studying international business at D'Amore-McKim School of Business, with an intended graduation year of 2016. Here, she recounts her experience at the Supply Chain Management Professionals Conference, an opportunity made possible in part, by the international business group at D'Amore-McKim.

While flying back from San Antonio, Texas to Sao Paulo, Brazil, I thought about the highlights from the previous 5 days. I was coming back from the Annual Global Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Conference. Over 3000 Supply Chain Professionals from varying industries and areas of the supply chain met here to discuss important issues, network and attend informational and inspiring sessions.

I was able to join these professionals through a joint effort of the CSCMP New England RoundTable and Northeastern’s International Business Program. The New England Roundtable is the local chapter of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. I felt honored to be selected as Northeastern’s representative by the Supply Chain Department at Northeastern. Even though I am an International Business student currently living in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the BSIB Program was able to joint sponsor me for the conference and make this opportunity happen. It made me feel proud to be from Northeastern and supported by both the Supply Chain Management Department and International Business Department as well as the New England Roundtable.

The conference itself was one of a kind. As a 4th year BSIB- SCM student, I had studied cases about various companies that were represented at the conference. I felt star struck to shake hands with the Fortune 500 VPs that work in the area I study. I was listening to how Starbucks mitigates risk from the Vice President of Starbucks, and how to navigate an international assignment from the Vice President of logistics for Kraft Foods. The people living the cases that I had studied were not only there, but a part of the discussions happening within each conference room. The conference also attracted a large number of academics, and many of the lectures were led by top professors including Northeastern’s Robert Lieb. I was surrounded by extremely intelligent and successful people that exuded a passion for Supply Chain, and it was a remarkable experience.

It is difficult to list all the highlights from the conference, but a few that really stood out to me included being able to meet and hear the inspiring story of SharkTank’s Daymond John. I had seen every episode of the TV show that invests each week in real entrepreneurs ideas. I found myself speechless shaking Daymond’s hand.

The Conference also included a career fair and symposium where I learned more about the field and made strong connections. I even met a woman interested in working with me through the CSCMP mentorship program while we are both in Sao Paulo.

Besides the professionals, academics, other students selected, intense lectures, and overall conference experience, I found the city of San Antonio to be another highlight. It has a beautiful walk along the canals and tour of the Alamo museum. I hope to one-day visit again.

I want to thank the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals that organized an extremely successful conference. I want to thank the New England Roundtable specifically for sponsoring me and making it possible for me to have this experience. I want to thank the International Business Department for supporting me in making it from Sao Paulo, Brazil, to attend. Northeastern’s Supply Chain Program has recently hired two new professors and has been ranked #15 in the US by Gartner, and #7 in terms of Value to the Industry. Along with my Supply Chain Management Co-op at Johnson & Johnson, I feel Northeastern has provided me with every opportunity to gain real world experience and knowledge that are preparing me for life after graduation.