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Every American enterprise requires a strategy

Professor Joseph Giglio explains why every American enterprise requires a well-crafted strategy, citing historical examples.


December 28, 2013

The ever ubiquitous word 'strategy' can make it hard to know what you are really getting when a successful strategy is promised. But this tool seems to be a necessity when embarking on any endeavor. Public social enterprises should not shun the idea of striving to create a good strategy to support their goals. Professor Joseph Giglio points out that the nation's transportation system is a good example of what happens when an enterprise fails to strategize. in this Patriot Ledger article, Giglio shows how organizational strategy has lead to great endeavors and enterprises over decades, not excluding the military, the East India Company, and the Mafia. Why wouldn't the nation's transportation system be able to thus organize themselves in a way that reaches short term and long term goals? "When it comes to transportation, we have yet to address the strategic questions Arnold Rothstein and Johnny Torrio instinctively understood. What should the nation's transportation system look line in the future? What options do we have for transforming the existing system to match this vision? What resources are available to carry out these options?" Giglio says addressing strategic questions before acting on a plan can make the difference.