How America can become a job creator

By: The Patriot Ledger

How can government play a role in the creation of jobs, stimulate the economy, and still stay far enough out the picture to keep a political balance? As Joseph Giglio, finance and strategy professor describes it, "People’s views on the role of government are heavily influenced by their political philosophies. Some care most about individual freedom, seeing wealth creation mainly as the product of individual effort; others prioritize promoting the well-being of the community as a whole. These two philosophical conceptions lead to disagreements about government’s proper role in the economy. Those on the right believe less government leads to more robust economic growth and those on the left argue for more government intervention." It is this discrepancy that effectively halts 'smart public policy', says Giglio. Smart public policy, however, might just be the key to success. Giglio suggests a government focus on infrastructure and investment in private companies to assist with these operations may not only create jobs now, but also create a long-term plan for sustained employment.