Middle-class America holds no influence over Congress

By: Enterprise News

"The threat of a government default is off the table for now. But instead of resolving underlying disputes, the short-term deal only pushed the hard choices off to another day." Will this happen again? Racing toward the edge with a government shutdown? According to Joseph Giglio, professor of strategy, yes, it will happen again. "Brace yourself for another cliffhanger that resembles a bad daytime soap opera. America will continue its habit of governing by crisis after crisis after crisis. In this troubled political environment, is it any wonder that businesses are sitting on their cash rather than investing in new factories, equipment, and more workers?" Giglio says its time for the middle-class to educate themselves on campaign contributions to get to the root of how the power works and so that they may cast their votes in a way that their own middle-class agenda may finally be heard.