Stop scaring off hiring managers: Avoid these 5 common job seeker Mistakes.

By: Career Attraction

Getting your resume tossed or on the very bottom of the pile is easier than you think. Avoid these common mistakes, as outlined by Lynne Sarikas, MBA Career Center Director at Northeastern University, to move your resume up! Careless errors are a doozy, avoid them! Did you apply for 100 jobs? Did you use the same cover letter for each one? Hiring managers can likely tell! Personalize it and keep it concise. Make your introduction - your cover letter - about how you can solve problems and be an important part of the team. "Avoid the dreaded 'I' disease," cautions Sarikas. Make sure you do your homework on your potential employer, don't ask or wonder what the company does. And don't skip the cover letter all together! It's your chance to tell your story.