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7 ways to keep your employees happy (and working really hard)

DMSB Professor Leonard Glick gives Forbes Magazine advice on how to keep employees happy and productive.


By: Forbes

September 8, 2013

Leonard J. Glick, professor of management and organizational development at Northeastern's D'Amore-McKim School of Business, has some secrets to keeping your employees not only happy, but motivated. Fostering responsibility is Glick's top tip: “One of the principles of self-managed teams is to organize around a whole service or product," which Glick continues, “It all contributes to a feeling of ‘it’s mine,’ and most people, when it’s theirs, don’t want to fail, don’t want to build poor quality and don’t want to dissatisfy the customer,” Glick also encourages managers giving new responsibilities to employees in order to grow the scope and interest of a job, being transparent with the team, treating your employees like adults, and being a consistent boss are valuable and meaningful to your employees. Glick also mentions salary and perks, and says while a factor, may not be as important as you think to motivating your employees and keeping them in the happy column.