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For app users and developers, PreApps is a must

Business major Sean Casto takes the term serial entre­pre­neur to heart. But now he has decided to ded­i­cate him­self to one ven­ture that has proven too promising to push aside: PreApps.

Business major Sean Casto takes the term serial entre­pre­neur to heart. But now he has decided to ded­i­cate him­self to one ven­ture that has proven too promising to push aside: PreApps.

“I love working on star­tups and for other com­pa­nies,” says Casto, whose father is an entre­pre­neur. “But PreApps is my baby and I plan on con­tin­uing to grow and lead this com­pany to hit crit­ical mass.”

PreApps offers devel­opers pre-​​launch expo­sure and users an exclu­sive plat­form to dis­cover and rate upcoming appli­ca­tions. With five to 10 new apps posted every day, you could under­stand why 1,000 unique daily users and nearly 300 app-​​makers have already bought into the PreApps model.

Casto’s ven­ture has only been live since Jan. 24, but he has already drawn the atten­tion of Microsoft and secured a part­ner­ship with the Win­dows devel­oper plat­form. This part­ner­ship val­i­dates the hard­working PreApps team, Casto said, and serves as the first step in his plan to build direct rela­tion­ships with all mobile providers.

Casto and his small Boston-​​based team have been per­fecting the PreApps plat­form for more than a year with sup­port from IDEA, Northeastern’s student-​​run ven­ture accel­er­ator. PreApps is free for devel­opers to post their app and gain expo­sure; stats back the claim that plat­form use increases app down­loads, ranking, and overall quality.

While the site is a great place for devel­opers to pro­mote their apps, Casto points out that PreApps does so much more than gen­erate pre-​​launch buzz. “We’re building this ecosystem for devel­opers,” he explained. “We pro­vide them the tools for suc­cess prior to release, but also post-​​launch as well.”

Post-​​launch tools range from app devel­op­ment and press releases to demo video pro­duc­tion and icon cre­ation. It also offers pre­mium ser­vices such as advanced ana­lytics and fea­tured marketing.

Casto will grad­uate in May, but he doesn’t plan to leave the Bay State any time soon. His office is housed on New­bury Street, and he and his team have been working hard to build promising part­ner­ships and rela­tion­ships with com­pa­nies in the Boston-​​area.

“A lot of exciting things are in the works,” Casto said. “For the first time, there is a plat­form that directly con­nects app users to devel­opers. We have new con­tent every single day, and we’re already starting to get great tes­ti­mo­nials and metrics.”