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The array of services we offer to the current students and alumni of the D'Amore-McKim School of Business MBA and MS programs fit into a well-choreographed timeline called the Career Management Plan. We help you define your career goals, learn how to leverage your network, and design and implement a job search strategy to guide you to a rewarding career.

Are You Eligible?

All alumni and students of our full-time MBA and MS business programs are eligible for Graduate Career Center services. To gain access as a student in the part-time or online MBA and MS programs, you must complete 50% of your program requirement and remain in good academic standing to access the services of a dedicated Career Advisor. Online resources are available at all times.

Whether you are looking to change your career or obtain a promotion from within your current company, these resources will give you a competitive advantage over other job seekers. Each resource provides you with quantitative and qualitative data that is not available to the public. You can use this information when networking, interviewing, or even writing cover letters in order to differentiate yourself from others in the marketplace.

The recommended timeline and the resources we provide are the tools you'll need to succeed in your job search. But they are just that: tools. We'll explain when and how to use them effectively, but it requires dedication and discipline (watch related webinar). This approach does not allow for shortcuts. For example, you will not be handed a list of career center contacts because that does not align with best practices in career management. Instead, we aim to help you learn methodologies that will support not only your next career move, but the long-term management of your career.


Career Management Steps & Resources

Career Exploration

The first step in the career management process is meant to be self-reflective. Here you'll consider big, personal questions when examining your career goals. For example: What are your strengths and development areas? What elements of company culture are most important to you? What motivates you? What professions and industries excite you?

Important resources at this stage

Vault’s Career Insider, a powerful reference tool that will help you understand the pros and cons of working in specific industries.

Personal Branding

With career exploration in mind, the next step in the Career Management Plan is to consider your assets. Think of your resume as one of the most important pieces of marketing collateral you have (watch related webinar). Don't forget online presence though, as your LinkedIn profile is often thought of as an extension of the resume. Do both your resume and LinkedIn give prospective employers a record of your accomplishments, competencies and goals?

Important resources at this stage

Webinars detailing the steps to a perfect resume, as well as resume guidelines and samples. Remember, in order to apply for any jobs posted on GTS, your resume must be approved first.

Define Your Job Search Strategy

Once both your career goals are established and your skill sets are determined, the third step is defining your job search strategy. Approach the job search with these three tips in mind: 1) develop a list of target employers, 2) initiate brief contact to establish a foundation, and 3) cultivate a relationship with contacts in order to create personal advocates at each company.

Important resources at this stage

Webinars rich in job search tips; Vault; GoinGlobal, l a database of country-specific career and employment information spanning more than 30 countries and over 50 USA metropolitan areas.

Research & Networking

The networking phase (watch related webinar) is a critical piece of any job search. Researching companies of interest--especially before networking events--will aid in your job search and display to prospective employers how in tune you are with their company, its culture, and market. By researching the company as much as possible using Graduate Career Center tools, your competitive edge over other applicants will increase (watch related webinar).

Important resources at this stage

Webinars on networking; GoinGlobal; Vault's Career Insider, a downloadable guide to networking; Hoover's, a database with more than 80,000,000 company profiles in more than 5,000 industries specific industries, top companies by industry, career paths and more.

Implement Your Job Search Strategy

At this phase, the Graduate Career Center recommends that you schedule a meeting with a Career Advisor to discuss your strategy and progress. An advisor can help you refine your resume and provide advice on your networking and job search strategies. Once your Advisor approves your resume, you'll want to apply to jobs through the Graduate Career Center job posting site, as well.

Important resources at this stage

Global Talent System; GoinGlobal; Vault's Career Insider; Glassdoor, a jobs and recruiting site with more than 8 million company reviews, CEO approval ratings, salary reports, and more.

Interviews & Compensation Negotiation

You've networked and applied to jobs, and now you've landed an interview. You'll need to be ready. And once you successfully complete the interviewing process, you'll need to learn more about negotiating and offers (watch related webinar). Let us help at this stage, too.

Important resources at this stage

Webinars on interviewing and compensation negotiation; Glassdoor; Salary.com.

Graduate Career Center Guide for Graduate Students in PDF format.

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