Associate Professor, Management and Organizational Development

Jamie J. Ladge

112 Hayden Hall
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave
Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5000




Ph.D. in Organization Studies, Boston College, Wallace E. Carroll School of Management
M.S. in Organization Studies, Boston College, Wallace E. Carroll School of Management
M.B.A., Simmons College, Graduate School of Management
B.S., Babson College

Research & Teaching Interests

Professor Ladge's primary research interests are with the intersection of identity, careers and work-life integration in organizations. Secondarily, she studies stigmatized social identities and gender and diversity issues in organizations.

Industry & Academic Experience

Professor Ladge has a professional background in consulting and high technology. She has worked for companies such as Unipower Solutions, Iron Mountain Consulting Services, LLC, and Fidelity Investments. She has also worked as a research associate for Harvard Business School. Prior to joining the D'Amore-McKim School of Business faculty at Northeastern University, Professor Ladge was an instructor at Boston College in the Carroll School of Management.

Services to the Profession

Professor Ladge is a current member of the Academy of Management, Work-Family Researchers Network, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, American Psychological Association and Society for Human Resource Professionals. She is also a faculty affiliate of the Boston College Center for Work and Family and a frequent speaker on the topic of gender and diversity in organizations and work-life integration. Professor Ladge's research has been widely cited in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Fortune, CNN Money, Businessweek and other prominent media outlets.

Awards & Recognition

Summer Research Award from the D'Amore-McKim School of Business (2013; 2015)

2009 Recipient of Sage Dissertation Award, GDO Division, Academy of Management

2009-2011 Sloan Work-Family Early Career Development Grant Awardee, $45,000


Selected Publications

Ladge, J. & Greenberg, D. (2015). Becoming a Working Mother: Managing identity and efficacy uncertainties during re-socialization. Forthcoming in Human Resource Management.

Ladge, J., Humberd, Baskervill, B., & Harrington, B. (2015). Updating the Organizational Man: Fathers in the Workplace. Forthcoming in Academy of Management Perspectives.

Ladge, J., Humbred, B., Harrington, B. (2014). The New Dad: Navigating within Role Shifts in Fathering Identity Among Work and Personal Contexts. Journal of Business and Psychology.

Eddleston, K., Ladge, J., Mitteness, C. R., Balachandra, L. (2014). Do You See what I See? Signaling effects of Gender and Firm Characteristics on Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Ladge, J., Clair, J. A., Greenberg, D. (2012). Cross-Domain Identity Transition During Liminal Periods: Constructing Multiple Selves as "Professional and Mother" During Pregnancy. Academy of Management Journal, 55(6), 1264-1294.


Selected Presentations

Ladge, J.J., Greer, T., Baskerville, M. & Eddleston, K. (2014). Will she stay or will she go? Assessing the role of career and maternal self-efficacies on turnover intentions of new mothers following workplace re-entry. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Oahu, HI.

Ladge, J.J. and Greenberg, D.N. (2013). Becoming a working mother: Managing identity and efficacy uncertainties during re-socialization, Accepted for presentation at the annual meeting of the Academy of Management, Orlando, FL.

Walsh, I.J. and Ladge, J.J. (2013). Re-entering organizations: An identity and socialization perspective. Presented at the annual EGOS conference, Montreal, Canada.

Ladge, J.J. (2013). Communicating work-life supports: Implications for organizations, individuals and families. Presented at the annual meeting of the International Communications Association (ICA), London, England.

Ladge, J.J. and Greer, T. (2012). Why Mothers Stay at Work: Is Self-Efficacy the Missing Link? Status: Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Work-Family Research Network, New York, NY.