Curriculum Vitae

Professor, International Business and Strategy

William F. Crittenden

305B Hayden Hall
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5000




PhD in Strategic Management, University of Arkansas
MBA in Operations Management, Auburn University
BA in Economics and Business, University of Michigan

Research & Teaching Interests

Business Strategy, Planning & Implementation; Global Corporate Citizenship (e.g., governance, social responsibility, ethics, sustainability, social entrepreneurship); Market Entry Strategies; Decision Making; Managing Nonprofit Organizations; Business Education; Faculty Administration & Evaluation.

Industry & Academic Experience

An advisor to various private, public, and nonprofit organizations, Professor Crittenden has worked with organizations such as BAE Systems, Boston Beer Company, Boston Management Consortium, Lotus Software (IBM), Head Start and Wal-Mart Stores. He also has worked with Funducion CANE in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Banco Nacional de Comercio Exterior of Monterrey, Mexico. He has served in various University administrative posts, including as Senior Associate Dean and Dean of Faculty and as Dean for Graduate Business Programs. He has helped start several nonprofit organizations. He currently serves as a trustee with a commercial real estate trust. He has served on the advisory board of a software start-up and as a trustee on a charitable, fraternal nonprofit.

Services to the Profession

Professor Crittenden is a member of numerous professional organizations including: the Strategic Management Society (he is a founding member) and the Academy of Management. He is a former Chair of the Public & Nonprofit Division of the Academy of Management. He has served in a variety of associate editor, guest editor and reviewer roles and currently serves on the Editorial Review Board for Business Horizons and is on the Advisory Board for Nonprofit Management & Leadership.

Awards & Recognition

Selected as 2016 Direct Selling Education Foundation fellow

Voted one of Favorite Professors at Northeastern by Senior Class of 2014, Cauldron Yearbook

Top 20 percent rank in articles published and in citations among world-wide management scholars (study conducted at Erasmus University June 2010)

Winner, Beta Gamma Sigma Teacher of the Year, 2002

Finalist, Beta Gamma Sigma Teacher of the Year, 2001

Public & Nonprofit Division, Academy of Management Division Chair, 1994-95


Selected Publications

Crittenden, Victoria L., William F. Crittenden, Joseph M. Giglio, and Andrew B. Crittenden (2017 in press). "Surgery on the Board," Business Horizons.

Crittenden, Andrew B., Victoria L. Crittenden, and William F. Crittenden (in press). "Know Your Business's Value - Before you Walk Away," Industrial Management.

Ross, Casey J., William F. Crittenden, and Victoria L. Crittenden (2016). "3D Printing: Big Potential, Little Adoption," Industrial Management. 58(4), pp. 12-16.

Crittenden, William F., Victoria L. Crittenden, and Allison Pierpont (2015). "Trade Secrets: Managerial Guidance for Competitive Advantage," Business Horizons, 58, pp. 607-613.

Giglio, Joseph, William F. Crittenden, and Victoria L. Crittenden (2015). "Procurement Strategy: Iron Fist or Velvet Glove?" Industrial Management, January/February, pp. 16-21.


Selected Presentations

Crittenden, William F., 2016 Marketing Management Association Fall Educator's Conference, "Faculty-Student Research Collaborations," Marketing Management Association, Providence, Rhode Island. (September 2016).

Crittenden, William F., 2015 Marketing Management Association Fall Educator's Conference, "From Corporate to Classroom," Marketing Management Association, San Juan Puerto Rico. (September 17, 2015).

Crittenden, William F. and Victoria L. Crittenden. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, "Technology's Transformative Impact: Exploring within Industries," IEEE Computer Society, Kauai, Hawaii. (January 7, 2015).

Crittenden, William F., Allison Pierpont and Victoria L. Crittenden. International Network of Business & Management Conference, "Strategic Assets: Trade Secrets as a Competitive Advantage," Barcelona, Spain. (June 2014).

Crittenden, William F. and Victoria L. Crittenden. 2013 AMA Winter Educator's Conference, "Sustainability New Insight into an Emerging Market Orientation: Understanding Sustainability DNA," American Marketing Association, Las Vegas, NV. (February 2013).