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Strategic Research Themes

International Business and Strategy

Faculty in our International Business and Strategy group are world-renowned scholars and thought leaders in global strategy and leadership. Their research focuses on knowledge and practical applications beneficial to global managers as well as academics in the field. 

Their work is fundamental to academic research and relevant to managerial practice. Pioneering research is enhanced through our Center for Emerging Markets and Global Leadership Initiative.

Questions about international business we’re exploring right now:

  • How do managers build a global mindset? 
  • How does a global mindset affect cross-border management behavior? 
  • How can a global strategy help an organization succeed in other parts of the world?
  • What is the impact of emerging markets on innovation and internationalization?

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In fields like entrepreneurship and innovation, social entrepreneurship and family business, our faculty are go-to entrepreneurship experts. Accomplished researchers, their scholarship ranges from product platforms to corporate entrepreneurship to venture finance and corporate venturing. 

Serving students, faculty and alumni across the university, the Center for Entrepreneurship Education provides opportunities for the integration of entrepreneurship and innovation courses, entrepreneurial co-ops in early-stage companies, and facilitates the development of student and alumni new ventures including networking with angel and VC communities. 

Students have the opportunity to select from a wide range of family business courses, and our Center for Family Business helps business families identify and avoid potential pitfalls, solve complex interpersonal and family business issues, and plan for future family business success in an ever-changing and increasingly competitive environment.

Questions about innovation and entrepreneurship we’re exploring right now:

  • How do family businesses work differently than other companies?
  • How are entrepreneurs different from others in business?
  • How do you define success as an entrepreneur?

Corporate Governance

How businesses are governed is essential to their success. Our faculty explore the interrelationship of management, the board of directors, owners and other stakeholders as well as the impact of those relationships on company performance. They research issues such as compensation, legal structures, organization and talent utilization. How capital market rules govern equity investments for the protection of outside shareholders is yet another subject of research.

Questions about corporate governance we’re exploring right now:

  • What subcommittees should boards have, and what type of directors’ expertise can enhance the performance of these committees?
  • Can shareholder’s voting improve the effectiveness of the board?
  • What type of professional background should specific C-suite executives have?


Faculty in the Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research foster interdisciplinary research and education to help understand and improve health policy and health care delivery. The center is comprised of faculty from a range of disciplines, including business, law, pharmacy, nursing, engineering, economics and information science. The focus of the Center’s research includes operations and supply chain management and health services delivery, medication issues, and health care professions/workforce and healthcare policy.

Through their interdisciplinary approach, the faculty bring new perspectives to solving healthcare’s most intractable problems.

Questions about healthcare being explored right now:

  • Quality of patient care
  • Patient safety
  • Best practices for supply chain management in hospitals
  • Physician adaptation to incentive-based payment