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Membership in the Center for Family Business is considered a necessary and ordinary business expense for continuing education and continued growth and success for business families. Participation in Center activities is open to a limited number of family-owned and managed businesses, and is restricted to members, prospective members and sponsors.

 General Membership includes:

  • Participation in the full series of Core Breakfast Programs
  • Individual subscriptions to the Center's Newsletter and FamBiz.com mailings
  • Networking opportunities with family business owners and family members 
  • Access to Northeastern University libraries
  • Participation in research on concerns of family businesses

 Membership Upgrades include:

  • Participation in the Center's Peer Group forums and activities*
*New members receive complimentary participation in the Peer Group forums and activities for the first year. After the first year Peer Group membership is required for each family business member who wishes to participate in these valuable discussions.*

Become a Member

Please contact Ted Clark at 617.373.7031 or Grace (Oliveira) Wyld at 617.373.3718 for more information about joining the Center for Family Business.