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Your gift to the Northeastern University Center for Family Business will allow us to enhance and continue our family business-focused initiatives both within the University and throughout our member community.

Recent gifts have been dedicated to providing additional opportunities and activities to our students in the Family Business Club and family business courses; rewarding family business success at our annual awards program; and identifying research, educational, and network opportunities for family businesses on a global level. Gifts to the Center for Family Business are 100% tax-deductible. 

How to give

There are a variety of quick, easy ways to give to the Northeastern University Center for Family Business. 

Online giving

To give a one-time gift, or to set up an automatic monthly recurring gift, visit our secure website by clicking the "Give Now" button below, and selecting "Center for Family Business" under the "Related Funds" headline.

Give Button

Giving by mail

A personal check is a convenient way to give to the Center for Family Business. Please make checks payable to "Northeastern University Center for Family Business", and mail them to: 

D'Amore-McKim School of Business
Office of Development
374 Dodge Hall
Northeastern University 
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Information

Can I give in memory or in honor of someone?

Yes, please use the "IN HONOR OR IN MEMORY" section at the bottom of our online giving form. You will have the option to notify the honoree or the family of the posthumous honoree. If you're mailing a check, please make sure to include a note mentioning the name of the honoree and details for those whom you would like notified. 

Can I make a pledge? 

Yes, you can make a pledge over the phone or by mail. Pledges can be paid in one down payment, or in multiple scheduled installments. Additionally, you can opt to establish a recurring monthly gift using the link at the top of our online giving form.

Can I specify how my gift should be used? 

Yes, if you want to support a specific program or initiative (i.e. the annual Awards Program, Peer Group program development, development of student programs, scholarships, etc.), you can note your requests on our online giving form or by including a note with your mailed-in check. 

Can I add the Northeastern University Center for Family Business to my will?

Yes, at any time you can add the Northeastern University Center for Family Business as a beneficiary of your will and estate plans. For questions about such planned giving and tax-related solutions regarding your estate, you can visit the Northeastern University Gift Planning website

International donations

International donations will be accepted in the form of checks or credit card payments.

Company matching

If your company has a matching-gift program, you may be able to double or triple the amount gifted to the Center for Family Business. To find out if this is available at your company, use our company search engine. If your or your spouse's company does have a gift-matching program, you can notify us in the Matching Gift Employer box on our online giving form, or by mailing a matching gift form with your personal check to the office listed above. 

Gifts and Tax Information

  • Northeastern is a 501(c)3 Organization
  • Northeastern's Federal tax identification number is 04-1679980
  • Your gift is 100% tax deductible unless you receive any goods or services in return for your gift. For example, membership fees for the Center for Family Business are paid in exchange for the services provided by the Center and are not tax deductible. 
  • Anyone who donates a gift, regardless of amount, will receive a receipt from the Development Information Systems Office. The receipt is generated after the donation has been processed and will be mailed to you at the address you've provided.