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Peer Group Programs

Family businesses face unique challenges which require unique solutions.

“Standard” textbook solutions to tough family business issues just don’t work. To find practical advice to the family business issues you face, you need “real-life” solutions from other family businesses.

Our Peer Groups provide a forum for business owners and emerging leaders to meet and discuss their challenges and opportunities with their counterparts in a confidential setting. Peer Groups provide feedback and advice from an informal Board of Advisors, while at the same time providing an opportunity to acquire new critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Peer group members benefit with an opportunity to:

  • Share, learn and grow in a safe setting 
  • Discuss issues that are “undiscussable” in their own firms 
  • Seek advice and help solve problems 
  • Give advice and support while others discover solutions to their problems

Peer Groups are confidential groups of 10-15 family business members, meeting every 6 weeks from 4:00-7:00 P.M. Meetings are facilitated, however our Peer Group members set the dates and agenda, and help lead the discussion of business and personal matters of interest.

Common topics include: 

  • Strategy development 
  • Financial reporting 
  • Succession planning 
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Leadership development 
  • Compensation issues 
  • Sibling rivalry 
  • Hiring of family members and non-family employees 
  • Growth strategies; acquisitions, risks and rewards 
  • Board of Advisors 
  • People leaving the business and then coming back 
  • What to do when family members aren't carrying their own weight 
  • How to bring our people on board with change
  • Nothing beats the opportunity to interact, socialize, and share ideas with other family members and owners. 
  • We think of it as “members helping members”. 

For more information about joining our Peer Groups
Call Ted Clark, Executive Director