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Members of the Northeastern University Center for Family Business have access to a variety of resources not only from the Center directly, but also from the wide range of services offered by the University.

Center Programs & Resources:

Core Breakfast Programs

The Center for Family Business holds six monthly Core Breakfast Programs per season. Core Breakfast Programs feature exciting presentations, case studies and panel groups with relevant and topical Family Business concerns. The curriculum is driven by the needs and desires of Center members, and includes: parent, adult child, sibling, spouse, cousin, and in-law family relationships; traditions and values; power, control and compensation; roles and responsibilities; legal, financial and other planning issues around leadership succession and ownership transfer. The programs are designed to support the management, operation and long-term health and success of the family business. Examples of seminar topics of interest include: planning for succession, conflict resolution, mediation, and the development of advisory boards within the family business.

Past Program topics and descriptions can be found here.

Peer Group Forums & Activities:

Our Peer Group is a special, smaller group that meets in the evening about every 6 weeks. We believe family businesses face unique challenges that, often, are only understood by other family business members. These forums allow members to develop relationships with their family business peers, who act as an informal board of advisors. In addition to the evening forums, we host a Peer Group activity each summer, and a Peer Group retreat each fall.

More information on the Peer Group can be found here

Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards

Each year, the Northeastern University Center for Family Business recognizes family businesses across the state with the Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards. The awards program was created to promote and highlight some of the great achievements of Massachusetts-based, family-held businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Recipients of the Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards are selected by a panel of independent judges based on the following criteria: business success, positive business and family linkages, multi-generational family involvement, contributions to the community and industry, and innovative business practices or strategies.

The 2016 finalists representated a combined total of 1,375 years in business, with an average company age of 57 years.

Visit our Awards Program website for more information.


The Center's monthly electronic newsletter, Fambiz, provides family-owned firms with timely business, legal, insurance, investment, and tax planning ideas and offers insights on strengthening family business relationships and family systems. Members also enjoy access to the University's collection of family business literature and bibliography.

Subscribers to our general email list will automatically receive updates on Center programs and activities, recap emails for our monthly Core Breakfast Programs, and opportunities to participate in select programs held by Center for Family Business Sponsors.

To join our general email list, or subscribe to our Fambiz e-newsletter, contact Grace (Oliveira) Wyld - 617.373.3718.


Fambiz is the Internet's leading website for advisers, executives and owners of family-controlled companies. It specializes in creating content-driven Internet marketing campaigns for major companies. We craft custom Internet content programs that enable our clients to reach targeted audiences with Web-based and e-mail initiatives. Center members get unlimited access to www.fambiz.com the Center's powerful web based search engine with hundreds of top articles and papers regarding family business.

Northeastern University Resources


Faculty resources are recognized experts in family business issues, including scholars and practitioners in the fields of human resources and psychology, law, accounting, finance, investment, insurance, marketing and international issues, mergers and acquisitions, plus family business men and women who have lived the issues in depth. Members of the Center have the opportunity to participate in research on concerns of family businesses, including: conflict, strategy, and further exploration of topics of interest.

For More Information about Membership: Contact: Executive Director, Ted Clark (617) 373-7031 ted.clark@neu.edu.