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About the Center

Northeastern University's Center for Family Business was founded in 1991. A membership based educational program, the Center's activities revolve around Constituent Forums focused on the unique interests of emerging leaders, successors and senior generation family members who are stakeholders in their family businesses. Bi-monthly participation with peers in small facilitated and focused discussion groups allows forum members to address issues of their own concern and to learn from others.

The educational value of the Constituent Forums is enhanced by a Core Program of six highly interactive Executive Breakfast Workshops open to the entire family and key non-family managers. The Center manages the most powerful search engine serving family enterprise,www.fambiz.com. The Center also publishes a monthly e-newsletter of issues and topics relevant to family business, which you can sign up for here.

Students in entrepreneurship courses in the University's D'Amore-McKim School of Business are exposed to family business issues through classroom presentations and may also be available for marketing and research assignments in the Center's member companies. The Center is actively involved in multiple research and community outreach projects and its programs are continually refined in response to members' needs.

Supported by committed sponsors, who are experts in their fields of service to family business, the Center currently serves more than three hundred stakeholders in seventy plus family owned businesses.