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Emerging Markets Club

The club organized the Northeastern University Global Summit on March 19, 2016, a half-day event focused on “The App Bubble”and the role of technology and entrepreneurship. It featured several speakers, including young entrepreneurs from Northeastern.

The club has also featured practitioners on campus including Joan Dubinsky, Chief Ethics Officer, United Nations, on “Ethical dilemmas in international organizations" and Jack Perkowski, CEO of ASIMCO and JFP Holdings (China) on “China: How it works and where it is going.”

emclubStudents at Northeastern University, who organized the 2nd NU Global Summit (focused on emerging markets), decided to make permanent their interest in these countries by creating a new Emerging Markets Club. The club is guided by Professors Ellie Banalieva and Ravi Ramamurti. It will work closely with CEM to bring speakers to campus and to organize other events of interest to students, including expanding coops in these countries.

venkatThe club organized the second student-led NU Global Summit focused on Emerging Markets on campus on February 28, 2015. It featured several speakers, including Venkat Srinivasan, CEO of Rage Frameworks and a member of CEM’s advisory board. 


The club’s inaugural speaker was Joan Dubinsky, Chief Ethics Officer, United Nations, New York, who spoke to a packed audience on April 1, 2015.