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2017: The Other One Percent: Indians in America

Held at Northeastern University Campus, Boston, April 27, 2017

India Lecture

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Devesh Kapur, author of "The Other One Percent: Indians in America" and University of Pennsylvania professor, discusses Indian-born immigrants in the United States during The Inaugural India Lecture, "The Other One Percent: Indians in America," a panel discussion. Kapur is joined by Santhana Krishnan and Dr. Venkat Srinivasan for commentary. The speakers explained facts and personal conclusions as to how American-Indians became the most educated and highly paid immigrant population in the United States. Northeastern University Distinguished Professor, Ravi Ramamurti moderated the lecture. The India Lecture Series at CEM was made possible by a gift from an anonymous donor.


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2017: Entrepreneurship, Scalability, and Emerging Markets

Held at Northeastern University Campus, Boston, March 27, 2017

SEE conference

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The keynote speakers were Scott Bailey, Managing Director at MassChallenege Boston, and Daniel Isenburg, Founding Executive Director at Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project, Associate at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School. The conference discussed the challenges and opportunities of new venture emergence and growth in today's dynamic global environment; with special emphasis on firm and business model scalability and how firms are using emerging markets to their benefit. The conference brought together a mix of academic and industry thought leaders.


2016: Emerging Multinationals: Innovating to Compete

Held at Cornell University Campus, New York, October 14, 2016


The 6th annual Emerging Markets Institute conference explored and debated how, emerging multinationals from Asia and Latin America have expanded aggressively on a global scale. Coming from regions, which were very volatile before and from countries with lower Gross Domestic Product/capita than developed countries, the conference discussed how some of these companies have been able to succeed internationally, how they are changing the competitive environment for multinationals from the developed world and what can we expect from them over the next years.


2016: Emerging Market Multinationals: Perspectives from Latin America

Held at Universidade de São Paolo, Brazil, February 20, 2016

Perspectives from Latin America Conference

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Co-Organized by two D'Amore-McKim School of Business professors and Center for Emerging Markets fellows, Ruth Aguilera and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra. This conference discussed Latin American companies becoming more independent and resilient due to a better understanding of underdeveloped institutions. 10 papers were featured at this conference, and the best will be published in a special issue of the Journal of World Business. This conference organized in part by professors Luciano Ciravegna and Maria A. Gonzalez-Perez, and the Academy of International Business--Latin American Chapter. A grant from CEM made this conference possible.


Read Introduction to special issue by Professors Aguilera, Cuervo-Cazurra and others

2015: Emerging Markets Institute: The Modi-fication of the Indian Economy

Held at Cornell University Campus, New York, October 13, 2015

With the election of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in May 2014, India has entered a new phase of optimism. As India continues to become an international leader, it will remain a focus in emerging market studies. The India Conference 2015 organized by the Emerging Markets Institute at the Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University, debated these changes and their implication for global finances, manufacturing and technology, as well as opportunities for innovation.


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2014: Emerging Markets and Multinational Enterprises

Held at Northeastern U Campus, Boston, September 27-28, 2014


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Organized by CEM Fellow Prof. Elitsa Banalieva and Texas A&M professor Laszlo Tihanyi, the conference featured competitively selected papers on the role of multinationals in emerging markets, being compiled for publication in Emerging economies and multinational enterprises (Emerald).

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2013: Governments as Owners: Globalizing State-Owned Enterprises

Held at Harvard Business School campus, Boston, September 21, 2013

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Organized by CEM Fellow Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, with Prof. Aldo Musacchio of Harvard Business School, and Profs. Andrew Inkpen and Kannan Ramaswamy of Thunderbird, this conference featured competitively selected papers on the global strategies of state-owned enterprises from emerging economies. Resulting papers published in a special issue of Journal of International Business Studies, Vol 45, No. 8 (2014).

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2013 conference book

  Click here for Introduction to special issue by Cuervo-Czaurra, Musacchio, Inkpen and Ramaswamy (2014)

2012: Third Conference on Emerging Market Multinationals

Held at Northeastern U, Boston, MA, August 4, 2012

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Organized by CEM Fellows, Professors Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra and Ravi Ramamurti, this conference explored theoretical issues raised by emerging-market MNCs and led to Understanding multinationals from emerging markets (Cambridge, 2014). Among the distinguished participants were seven Fellows of AIB, the incoming President of SMS, and two past Presidents of AIB. Attended by 100 faculty members and PhD students from around the world.

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2012 confeence book

 Read Chapter 1 Introduction by Cuervo-Cazurra & Ramamurti © 2014

 Read Chapter 13 Conclusion by Cuervo-Cazurra & Ramamurti © 2014

2011: Second Conference on Emerging Market Multinationals

Held at Judge Business School, Cambridge, UK, March 25-27, 2011

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Organized by Prof. Peter Williamson of Judge Business School, Cambridge U., CEM Fellow Prof. Ravi Ramamurti, Prof. Afonso Fleury of USP-Brazil, and Prof. Maria-Tereza Fleury of FGV-Brazil, the conference explored how EMNEs from the BRIC countries compete with established MNEs by focusing on innovation, cross-border M&As, and careful configuration of their global value chains. Findings published in The Competitive Advantage of Emerging Market Multinationals (Cambridge 2013). 

2011 confernce book

  Read Chapter 1 Introduction by Williamson, Ramamurti, Fleury & Fleury

  Read Conclusion by Williamson, Ramamurti, Fleury & Fleury

2011: International Workshop on Anti-Corruption Training

Held at Northeastern U, Boston, MA, May 22-24, 2011

Organized by CEM Fellow Prof. Nikos Passas of Northeastern U.’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in cooperation with NU Law School represented by CEM Fellow Prof. Susan Montgomery, this international workshop brought together experts in the field of anti-corruption from several emerging economies and international organizations, such as the United Nations. The workshop led to academic training materials for preventing corruption in emerging markets.


Workshop goals and summary by Prof Passas

News story on conference

2010: Managing the Use of Favors in a Global Economy

Held at Northeastern U, Boston, MA, October 14-15, 2010

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Organized by CEM Fellows, Professors Sheila Puffer and Dan McCarthy, this workshop explored the use of favors in a global economy, with a special emphasis on emerging markets. It brought together scholars from CUNY, McGill, Stanford, Temple U, Thunderbird, U-Calgary, UT-Dallas, and Wharton. Resulted in publications in the Asia Pacific J. of Management, June 2013.

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2010 conference book

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2007: First Conference on Emerging Market Multinationals

Held at Northeastern U, Boston, MA, June 22-23, 2007

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Organized by CEM Fellow Prof. Ravi Ramamurti and Jitendra Singh, Stemberg Professor of Management, Wharton School, U. of Pennsylvania, this conference pioneered research in the field of Emerging Market Multinationals. Co-sponsored by the Mack Center for Technological Innovation and Center for Leadership and Change Management at Wharton School. Participants included over 50 of the top scholars in international business. It resulted in Emerging multinationals in emerging markets (Cambridge, 2009; paperback 2011).

  Conference Program

  Story in Knowledge@Wharton  

2007 conference book

  Review of book in Administrative Sciences Quarterly by Prof Yadong Luo

  Read the book’s Introduction by R. Ramamurti

  Read the book’s Conclusion by R. Ramamurti