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Distinguished Practitioners, 2016-2017

Santhana Krishnana
Santhana Krishnana

President, CIMCON Lighting; Founder, Asian Art Gallery; Managing Partner, Om Ventures; Founder & CEO, InteQ

Santhana Krishnan was a speaker for The Inaugural India Lecture, “The Other One Perfect: Indians in America,” a panel discussion. Krishnan has over 20 years of experience in software, managed services and SaaS. He has previously worked at IBM and HP.

Kasemsit Pathomsak

President and CEO, Merchant Partners Securities Ltd, Executive Chairman of Pathomsak Holdings Company Ltd
Doing business in today's Thailand and ASEAN (November 2016)

Kasemsit Pathomsak spoke to an engaged group of the Northeastern community about international business in relation to Thailand/ASEAN. Pathomsak is the President and Chief Executive of Merchant Partners Securities Ltd., a SEC licensed securities company in Thailand.

Dr. Robert Bernstein MD, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Dept of Public Health, Emory University
Global Health and Emerging Market Policies and Practices (March 2016)

Dr. Bernstein, a medical doctor who spent several years advising governments and hospitals in emerging economies of Asia and Africa as well as international agencies, such as the World Health Organization, shared the insights he had learned about how to improve public health in these countries. Dr. Bernstein spoke first to a faculty audience and then to student members of the Emerging Markets Club.

Kathy Schreiner

VP-Human Resources, Li & Fung Distribution Holding Inc. New York
Global Supply Chain Management (March 2016)

Kathy Schreiner combined her deep knowledge of the fashion industry with her years of experience managing the global supply chain to enlighten a room packed with students, many majoring in logistics or supply chain management. She also spoke about the coop and career opportunities for students at her company, Li & Fung, not just at her location (New York City) but around the world.

Jack Perkowski

Founder and CEO, JFP Holdings, China, and CEM Board member
China: How it works and where it is going (November 2015)

Jack Perkowski founded and built from scratch a $500 million automotive parts company  and sold it to Bain Capital before broadening his activities in China to include private equity investing. Speaking to a student audience at an event pulled together by the student-run Emerging Markets Club, Perkowski explained how he built his business in China, what it takes
to manage a sprawling China operation, and the enormous opportunities still available in China.

Judd Schreiber and Tanya Terekhova

Senior Manager (M&A Tax) and Manager (Valuation Services), respectively, KPMG
Transfer Pricing Issues in Emerging Economies (October 2015)

Judd Schreiber and Tanya Terekhova, KPMG experts on transfer pricing in international business, explained how MNCs handle this contentious issue across tax jurisdictions,
especially when emerging economies are involved. They discussed implications of the European Union’s new rules on transfer pricing, designed to reduce tax evasion-known as Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), which requires country-by-country reporting of taxes paid. Judd and Schreiber spoke first to a faculty audience and then to student members of the Emerging Markets Club.

Venkat Srinivasan

Founder and CEO, Rage Frameworks, MA; and CEM Board member Future of Offshoring and the Intelligent Enterprise (April 2015)

A former tenured professor of Finance at NU, Venkat Srinivasan left in the 1990s to pursue an entrepreneurial venture that was subsequently sold to a large company. He then started several ventures, including Rage Frameworks, a disruptor in the Business Processing space. All his ventures have involved development centers in India. Venkat shared ideas from his book-in-process on the “intelligent enterprise” and shared his expert views on the future of offshoring of services to India.

Joan Dubinsky

Chief Ethics Officer, United Nations, New York, Ethical issues in international organizations (April 2015)

Invited to CEM by. Nikos Passas of the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Joan Dubinsky spoke about the ethical challenges in international organizations. She drew on her extraordinary career spanning years as compliance or ethics officer in a multinational firm (BAE Systems) and two international organizations, the IMF and the UN. Dr. Dubinsky gave two talks, one to faculty and another to a packed room of students.

Joel Backeler

Associate Vice President, Frontier Strategy Group, New York China Goes West (March 2015)

Speaking to a packed room, Joel explained how Chinese companies are building their footprint in the US, based on his recent book with the same title as his talk. He was invited to CEM by Prof. Elitsa Banalieva.

Sandeep Duttagupta

Principal & VP, CB Partners (formerly at Pfizer)
Pharmaceutical pricing in emerging markets (February 2015)

Sandeep explained the issues in pharmaceutical pricing and the challenges of balancing innovation and affordability.

Prajapati Trivedi

Principal & VP, CB Partners (formerly at Pfizer)
Secretary (Performance Evaluation), Government of India, New Delhi
Performance evaluation of SOEs and government ministries in India (February 2015)

A public entrepreneur, Dr. Trivedi explained how over two decades he helped set up a system to monitor and evaluate the performance of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in India, and then helped spread that system to ministries of the Indian central government and a dozen provincial (state) governments. Other developing countries are now looking to learn from India. Dr. Trivedi worked for many years in the World Bank and collaborated on research in the 1980s with Prof. Ravi Ramamurti.

Dipanjan Chatterjee

SVP and Global Director of Brand Strategy, BAV Consulting
BAV’s global brand consulting practice (January 2015)

BAV Consulting, a spin-off from global advertising firm Young & Rubicam, provides advice to firms on how to evaluate and leverage their brands globally. In the process, BAV has accumulated a proprietary multi-country database on consumer perceptions of global and local brands, including in many emerging markets. BAV has offered CEM faculty access to this database for their research. Dipanjan followed up his fascinating talk with a teleconference call with faculty in which BAV’s head of Research, Michelle Jee, explained to faculty the ins and outs of their database.

David Nardone (BSBA ’79, MBA ’82)

President and CEO, Hemaraj Land and Development, Thailand; and CEM Board member
Creating the ‘Detroit of the East’ in Thailand (September 2014)

Nardone explained how Thailand had become the ‘Detroit of the East,” using investments there by Japanese, American, European, and Korean auto companies. Hemaraj is Thailand’s leading industrial estate provider and has pulled in more than $25 billion in foreign investment into its parks. Nardone explained what Hemaraj does, how he turned it from a nearly bankrupt company (after 1997 Asian crisis) into one worth $1.3 billion. He also discussed the outlook for the Thai economy, following the 2014 military takeover, and ASEAN more broadly.

Dr. G.N. Rao

Founder and Chairman, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India
Healthcare innovations from India: The case of LVPEI (November 2013)

Dr. GN Rao left the US in the 1980s to start his nonprofit, LV Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI), which is today India’s second largest eye care organization. It also trains hundreds of ophthalmologists and has conducted path breaking research in areas such as corneal harvesting and transplanting. LVPEI was one of nine hospitals featured in Ravi Ramamurti’s Harvard Business Review article on “Delivering world class healthcare, affordably.” Dr. Rao explained the innovations that have allowed LVPEI to be financially rock-solid despite treating one free patient for every paying patient for the past 25 years.

Spencer Fung

(PA, MBA ‘96), CEO, Li & Fung, NU Trustee, and CEM Advisory Board member
Managing a Hong Kong-based multinational (May 2013)

Speaking to a select group of faculty, students and alumni, Spencer Fung touched on many topics studied by CEM faculty, including how to ensure worker safety and human rights in factories in developing countries, how to manage a global supply chain, and how to be nimble despite having 30,000 employees in 100 countries. He discussed how LF tries to balance flexibility and discipline in strategic planning, and how being a Hong Kong-based, family-controlled enterprise allows it to take a long-term view of business and business relationships.