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Iceland - Renewable Energy Focus

In this program students explore sustainable development and its implications by examining the role of renewable energy, commercial fishing, land use, and tourism from the 20th century onwards.  Students in this program will take courses at Reykjavik University located at the heart of Iceland's capital.  It is Iceland's largest private university.

This program provides students an opportunity to explore the use of sustainable sources of energy as well as sustainable resource management. Through study and field trips to power plants and businesses, students investigate the role played by hydropower and geothermal energy in providing a sustainable source of energy in a developed economy. They have the opportunity to learn how governments and businesses work together to develop and manage renewable energy and natural resources and thus create a sustainable environment.  


Northeastern University students enroll in two courses and earn eight semester credits by participating in the program.

Resource Management and Renewable Energy in Iceland 
Field Research in Sustainable Energy  

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During this trip you'll be able to experience much of what Iceland has to offer.  One of its most diverse features is its natural hot springs. As a student in the program, you'll study about the science behind these volcanic areas and the energy associated with their presence.  You'll also experience another geologic feature - the geothermal baths.