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Interdisciplinary Minor

The minor in Sustainable Business Practices provides a specific academic path for students from any college within the university to study the emerging interdisciplinary field of sustainability. Students apply what they have learned in the classroom to practical field projects in communities domestically and internationally. The minor is a university-wide undergraduate academic program and is designed to complement any Northeastern major with critical knowledge of sustainability. The goals of the program are to give students a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and the tools to address the issues in a business environment.

The program consists of five courses (20 semester hours) in which the D'Amore-McKim School of Business partners with departments in the various colleges at Northeastern. Students take three courses on campus, plus an eight-credit summer field research program focused on issues of sustainability.  

Required Courses 
Sustainability in the Business Environment 
Eight-credit Field Research Program

Elective Courses 
Choose two elective courses with no more than three of the five courses in the minor from any one college: 

Environmental Science 
Environmental Geology 
Oceans and Coasts 
Dynamic Earth 
Sustainable Development 
Environment and Humankind 
Environmental Engineering 
Environmental Economics 
Wealth and Poverty 
Energy Systems 
Environmental Ethics 
Environmental Politics 
Environment and Society

Students may take one elective course for the minor at an NU-sanctioned study abroad program.

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