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Akram Alshawabkeh, Ph.D.
Co-Director, PROTECT
Project 5 Leader, Core A Co-Leader

Professor Akram Alshawabkeh is the George A. Snell Professor of Engineering at Northeastern University and the Director of the PROTECT Center, a collaboration of experts in engineering, public health, and biomedical and environmental sciences with the goal of reducing exposure to hazardous chemicals and thereby improving public health.
Rae André, Ph.D
Professor, Management and Global Sustainability
Rae André teaches international organizational behavior and management. She has particular interests in business-government relationships and alternative organizations such as government-sponsored enterprises, benefit corporations, and economic development organizations.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Organizing for Environmental Sustainability: Examining Key Power Relationships
Big-Picture Sustainability: The Science and Politics of American Energy
Leadership for Environmental Sustainability
Sustainability and Leadership
Jeff Born, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance and Faculty Director of the Executive MBA Program
Dr. Born has expertise in corporate finance, portfolio management and international finance. He is particularly interested in bringing sustainability issues to the board room level through improved corporate governance.
Lee P. Breckenridge, J.D.
Professor of Law

Professor Breckenridge specializes in environmental and natural resources law including wildlife and ecosystems law, land use zoning and planning law. Prior to joining the faculty, she worked in the public sector on a wide range of litigation to enforce the requirements of federal and state air and water pollution statutes, hazardous waste management requirements, and wetlands and tidelands protection laws.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Environmental Law
Land Use
Natural Resources Law
  Sean P. Burke, J.D.
Associate Director, George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security
Sean Burke is an attorney and a former Coast Guard officer with expertise and research interests in the sustainability of critical infrastructure resilience and port, surface transportation and maritime security policy issues.
  Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of International Business and Strategy at Northeastern University
Dr. Cuervo-Cazurra teaches courses on global strategy and sustainability. His special research interests include the study of governance and corruption issues in developing-country multinational companies.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Advanced Global Management
Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage through Global Innovation
Matthew Eckelman, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Eckelman is an environmental engineer with research interests in life cycle assessment and green engineering. His special area of research examines the sustainability of novel materials and technologies such as nanomaterials and devices, biofuels and bio-based chemicals, high-tech metals and alloys, energy efficiency technologies, and green buildings.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Probability and Engineering Economy for Civil Engineering
Stephen E. Flynn, Ph.D.
Founding Co-Director, George J. Kostas Research Institute for Homeland Security Professor, Department of Political Science
Dr. Flynn's research interests include infrastructure and community resilience issues. He is particularly interested in how systems can be designed and operated to mitigate the risk of disruption in the face of deliberate and non-deliberate disruptive risk.
Auroop R. Ganguly, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Ganguly’s research interests lie at the intersection of two themes: climate extremes and water sustainability. He also has expertise in the assembly and analysis of very large data sets to examine complex systems.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Probability and Engineering Economy for Civil Engineering
April Z. Gu, Ph.D
Assistant Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Gu’s research interests is the application of genomic and molecular biotechnology for water-quality monitoring and water purification. She is particularly interested in identifying and treating the ever-increasing number of emerging pollutants in our water supply through toxicity-assessment technology.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Environmental Biological Processes
Water and Wastewater Treatment Processes
Environmental Engineering I
Advanced Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Processes
Philip Larese-Casanova, Ph.D
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr. Larese-Casanova's research lies within the broad areas of environmental chemistry, environmental mineralogy, and contaminant transformation processes. He is especially interested in methods to improve the treatment of drinking water by using synthesized reactive materials for trace organic compound removal.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Environmental Engineering 2
Lab for Environmental Engineering 2
Environmental Chemistry
Carolyn W.T. Lee-Parsons, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering Department
Dr. Lee-Parsons' research involves metabolic engineering of microalgae for the production of biodiesel. Her particular interest is to apply genetic manipulation to produce biodiesel fuel, a renewable, environmentally sustainable resource.

Courses Taught in Sustainability
Transport Processes 2 and Separations
Biochemical Engineering
Gil Rodgers, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Business Sustainability Initiative
Dr. Rodgers’ research interests include energy efficiency, climate change, and emerging power generation technologies. He is particularly interested in translating promising research findings into commercial ventures.