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Supply Chain and Information Management

The Supply Chain and Information Management (SCIM) Group encompasses four interrelated areas: Management Information Systems (MIS); Operations Management (OM); Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Analysis.

The Management Information Systems Area

focuses on the strategic uses of information technology for competitive advantage, support of business processes, information and control, digital business, integration of business with technology, organizational communication, and data management. Students develop an understanding that high-quality information adds value to existing products and services, enhances the creation of new products, changes the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes, and affects relationships with customers, suppliers, and competitors.

The Operations Management Area

explores the management of processes for transforming inputs into outputs. Courses involve students in the decision making required to provide quality products and services desired by customers, on time and at a competitive cost. Concepts, techniques, and models include the optimal allocation and efficient utilization of manpower, materials, equipment, and technology at strategic and tactical levels in the organization. Excellence in operational performance has led companies to growth in sales, market share, and financial returns.

The Supply Chain Management Area

emphasizes to students the importance of transportation planning, inventory control, warehouse management, development of customer service standards, and procurement in the design and operation of supply and distribution systems. Courses underscore the importance of information technology and the Internet in supporting such activities. They also highlight the need to develop close working relationships with managers in other functional areas including manufacturing, information systems, marketing, and international operations. Students learn that this integrative approach to management is critical in supporting supply chain cost and service improvements.

The Analysis Area

provides students with information analysis skills and tools needed to manage effectively in today's information-intensive business climate. Courses offer students the opportunity to improve their information analysis skills and working knowledge of important statistical tools. They become more critical evaluators of studies and reports involving statistical and quantitative methods and better at communicating their findings and conclusions.


Most of the IOA professors have received Ph.D.s from premier universities and are actively involved in research spanning a broad array of subjects. They regularly publish in well respected academic and practitioner journals. The faculty research, professional involvement, consulting and other interactions with practitioners gives them the ability to share with students their vast professional experience.


Excellence in teaching practically oriented decision making is a focal point of the group. Our emphasis in the classroom is on contemporary, relevant, and applied education. The SCIM group offers undergraduate concentrations in MIS and SCM and undergraduate and graduate level courses in all four areas. In 2007, a new career track in Supply Chain and Operations Management was implemented in the MBA program. Additionally, our undergraduate students participate in Northeastern University's #1 ranked Co-op program. Co-op and corporate residencies provide students with an opportunity to work in IOA-related positions at firms such as Microsoft Corp., EMC, State Street Global Advisors, and The Gillette Company, to name just a few. This allows them to apply the knowledge they acquired in the classroom and choose from a wide range of professional opportunities and career paths.

SCIM Group Academic Contacts

Yang Lee
Group Chair

Professor Gilbert Nyaga
SCM Concentration Coordinator

Professor Bruce D. Russell
MIS Concentration Coordinator

SCIM Group Co-op Coordinator

Elinor Levine

Undergraduate Clubs

MIS Club
Professor Nick Dedeke

SCM Club
Professor Michael Power