About Us

According to the American Marketing Association, marketing is “an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers, and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.” Create something people want, tell them about it, and deliver it to them in a way so that everyone benefits.

At the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Marketing encompasses a practical, cutting-edge research faculty, a broad set of undergraduate and graduate program offerings, and active, engaged co-operative education and career management professionals. A marketing education at the D’Amore-McKim School of Business provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the marketing function as well as detailed insight into various aspects of marketing including strategy, buyer behavior, market research,  digital marketing, marketing communications, sales, and new product development. As a Group, we conduct pioneering research on customer relationships in all aspects of marketing and provide transformative educational experiences that help students and employers realize their potential.

Marketing Group Academic Contacts

Group Chair

Professor Felicia Lassk

Concentration Coordinator

Professor Susan Sieloff

Marketing Co-op Coordinators

Christina Roberts

Brooke Johnson

Elizabeth Larson

Ernest Mauristhene

Northeastern University Marketing Association (NUMA)

Faculty Advisor: Professor Jennifer Yule

Sales Club

Faculty Advisor: Professor Jay Mulki

Northeastern University MBA Marketing Club

Faculty Advisor: Professor Kwong Chan

Teaching and Program Excellence

Marketing faculty use a broad variety of techniques in teaching, including lecture/discussion, case studies, simulations, and in-class and field projects. All Bachelor of Science and MBA students take marketing courses as part of their degree. At the undergraduate level, students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in International Business programs may elect to concentrate in marketing. The joint Bachelor of Science in Business and Interactive Media also features a marketing emphasis.

In the Full-Time MBA program, Marketing is one of five intensive Career Tracks in which students may choose to focus, supported by a dedicated Career Management staff. In the  part-time and Online MBA programs, a specialization in Marketing is also available.

Research Focus

The Marketing Group has a broad interest in research on customer relationships. Faculty use multiple theoretical and empirical approaches to examine company-customer relationships across a variety of areas, including digital marketing, sales management, services, consumer behavior, innovation, and strategy.  The D’Amore-McKim School of Business as a whole emphasizes research in global management, innovation, and corporate governance. School-wide research resources are available in these areas and interdisciplinary research is encouraged.

Full Professors

Gloria Barczak, Ph.D. Syracuse University, New Product Development and Innovation
Koen Pauwels, Ph.D., UCLA, Marketing Productivity, Metrics and Social Media
Samuel Rabino, Ph.D. New York University, Global Management and Innovation
Fareena Sultan, Ph.D. Columbia University, Mobile Marketing and Digital Media

Associate Professors

Bruce Clark, Ph.D. Stanford University, Managerial Information Processing about Markets
Amir Grinstein, Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Pro-Social Marketing and Marketing Strategy
Felicia Lassk, Ph.D. University of South Florida, Sales Management and Emotional Intelligence
Jay Mulki, Ph.D. University of South Florida, Sales Management and International Marketing

Assistant Professors

Yakov Bart, Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Advertising Effectiveness
Paul Fombelle, Ph.D. Arizona State University, Services and Customer Feedback Management
Keith Smith, Ph.D. University of Georgia, Digital Marketing, Consumer Control of Marketing, and Marketing Strategy
Daniele Mathras, Ph.D. Arizona State University, Transformative Consumer and Service Research
Mary Steffel, Ph.D. University of Florida,  Consumer Judgment and Decision Making

Senior Lecturer

Susan Sieloff, MBA University of Michigan, Marketing Strategy and Retailing

Academic Specialists

Kwong Chan, Ph.D. Michigan State University, Marketing Research and Product Innovation
Jennifer Yule, Ph.D. Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland, UK, Marketing and Consumer Behavior

Practice Orientation

The Marketing faculty brings a wealth of professional expertise to the classroom with many having held managerial positions prior to coming to Northeastern. All faculty are involved with marketing practitioners through their teaching, research and consulting activities. A number of courses use field projects and exercises with outside organizations to benefit both student skills and the organizations themselves. Students’ co-op and other work experiences often provide learning opportunities as well. The Group engages with Marketing Advisory Boards at both the undergraduate and graduate level to gain additional insights into current managerial issues and practices. For undergraduates, our dedicated co-op coordinators work to place students in up to three paid six-month placements with companies across New England and the world. Recent co-op employers in Marketing include: Amazon, General Electric, Intuit, JetBlue, Johnson & Johnson, EMC Corporation, MasterCard Worldwide, Puma North America, Staples, TJX Companies, and VM Ware.

For MBA students, our MBA Career Center develops six-month corporate residencies and full-time placements with a broad variety of companies. Recent MBA Marketing employers include: Eagle Investment Systems, General Electric, Hasbro, Iron Mountain, LVMH, Ocean Spray, Raytheon, VFA, and W.R. Grace.

Beyond classroom and career management, students have further opportunities to engage with the “real world” through student clubs. The Northeastern University Marketing Association (NUMA) is an award-winning American Marketing Association-affiliated club for undergraduates. The Marketing Group also supports an undergraduate Sales Club and a Graduate Marketing Club. All groups bring speakers to campus, engage in projects, and interact with marketing professionals.