Management and Organizational Development

The success of tomorrow’s graduates will depend heavily on the ability to manage people, projects, and programs. Success depends on much more than knowing accounting, finance, and marketing. If the “people” side of management is of particular interest to you, the Management and Organizational Development group (MOD) and the “Management” major may be the right concentration for you. We focus on how to be effective in managing the individual, the group or team, and how to diagnose and solve individual, group and organizational problems. This includes how to manage oneself and one’s career. In addition, Northeastern’s Global emphasis involves understanding managing people across different cultures. Ultimately, we help students build the necessary personal and interpersonal insight and skills to develop themselves as managers of people at all levels – groups, organizations, and networks.

Cynthia Lee
Group Coordinator


Cooperative and experiential work experience are a key component of a Northeastern University education. Because management is a broad topic and the students' interests can vary, they can participate in work experiences that span a diverse range of business function. Examples include project management, human resources, business analyst, and client and sales support. Employers who have hired students include:

  • Procter & Gamble 
  • EF Education 
  • US Defense Intelligence Agency 
  • John Hancock 
  • Raytheon 
  • MFS Investment Management


Faculty in the Management and Organizational Development Group have doctorates from leading institutions around the world. In addition, with hundreds of years of experience all of our faculty are active in a wide assortment of professional activity including research, consulting and community service. Many serve on important advisory boards. All of the faculty have had experiences in leadership and managerial roles in addition to their academic credentials.


In our teaching, we concentrate on knowledge acquisition and skill-building necessary to develop sound management habits and practices.  Students learn the principles of motivation, leadership, problem solving, conflict resolution, group dynamics, communications, organizational change and how these issues impact organizations. The MOD Group, using an experiential approach to education and a high level of student engagement and interaction, stresses helping students practice the skills and knowledge that will be so critical to their future success.

Leaders at Work: MOD Insights

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