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International Business and Strategy

The International Business and Strategy Group is comprised of 26 full-time faculty members. We provide progressive management knowledge and skills related to global strategic management to current and future global managers as well as to academics in the field. Our research is focuses primarily on developing knowledge on firms’ strategies in the context of emerging markets and on aspects of global leadership. Equally, we are committed to the development of highly motivated individuals who will become global leaders of integrity. The Group serves these audiences with pioneering research predominantly through the Center for Emerging Markets and the Global Leadership Initiative. 

Equally, we educate D'Amore-McKim students in international business and strategy through offerings of transformative educational experiences that also aim at shaping individuals who will make a positive impact on society.

  1. We contribute to the development of graduates who are academically and professionally prepared to add value and grow into global leadership positions.
  2. We help students achieve career success in the global arena by combining global strategic knowledge with integrated and shared transformational experiences.
  3. We instill new insights on global strategic management that shape the thinking and actions of academics and practitioners.

Current research projects focus on MNCs from emerging markets, reverse innovation, global talent management, global entrepreneurship & innovation, global health care management and global corporate governance/ethics.

The Group contributes to D'Amore-McKim School of Business’s offerings of transformative educational experiences by providing academic direction and oversight on academic programs and global strategy and international business courses. Currently it offers leadership for the Bachelor of Science in International Business (BSIB) and the Master of Science in International Business; and participates in the Master of International Management (MIM) with our International Partnership of Business Schools (IPBS).

International Business and Strategy Group Chair

Professor Christopher Robertson
Group Chair