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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Entrepreneurship Group offers three different tracks: starting and growing larger scale venture capital backed ventures, starting and growing owner-managed and family businesses primarily in the retail and services industries, and social enterprise, where teams of our students do enterprise development and micro-financing in South Africa and Latin America. The Princeton Review has recently ranked our program one of the top undergraduate entrepreneurship programs in the United States.

Practice Orientation

We have many exciting corporate residencies in small companies in the Boston area, including: retail, commercial real estate development, financial services, healthcare innovators and high growth technology ventures in software, biotechnology, and energy. Our faculty are the leaders of the Northeastern University Center for Entrepreneurship Education, the Social Enterprise Institute, and the Northeastern Center for Family Business. Our faculty are the advisors to IDEA (Northeastern’s student-led venture accelerator), and the Entrepreneurs Club.

Research Focus

Our faculty are accomplished researchers. Marc Meyer is the top recognized scholar in internal “product platforms” and has written a number of widely used books on innovation and entrepreneurship; Fernando Suarez is a highly accomplished scholar in technology-driven industrial dynamics; Kimberly Eddleston is among the most widely recognized names in family business research; Tucker Marion is a leader in his research on lean design and development methods; Samina Karim is published in the top journals on organizational integration of mergers and acquisitions; Kevin Boudreau is one of the mostly widely known stars in the governance and optimization of industry platforms; Dirk Libaers publishes heavily in the fields of innovation and technology commercialization; and Oleksiy Osiyevskyy is becoming a leader in business model research. The two founders of our academic group, Daniel McCarthy and Ralph Katz, are known as top scholars, world-wide, for their respective research in Eastern European entrepreneurship and high performance team management. Both Meyer and Katz have won the prestigious Holland Award from the Industrial Institute; Eddleston is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Business Venturing; Karim is Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal and Chair of the Business Policy and Strategy Division of the Academy of Management; and Boudreau is Associate Editor of Management Science. Taken together, the E&I faculty comprise an increasingly recognized research capability that combines both theory and practice.

Teaching and Program Excellence

We have a rich set of undergraduate and graduate courses.  Our faculty have either started companies, been investors in startups, or have operating experience in high growth ventures. Others are consultants to leading technology companies in different industries. This makes our courses "real world." In the Social Enterprise Institute, under Dennis Shaughnessy's leadership, teams of undergraduate students are now working on assignments to establish micro-lending operations in Africa and Latin America. Students describe these as extraordinarily exciting and intensive experiences. Courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level prepare students for the assignments.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group Co-Coordinators

Professor Tucker Marion
Group Chair, Academic Programs

Professor Fernando Suarez
Group Chair, Research and Tenure-Track Faculty