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The Leadership Dance: Mind if I Cut In?

Speaker: Jocelyn Duffley, Parker Ellen, and Charn McAllister
Location: Residence Inn Needham - 80 B St, Needham, MA 02494

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The Leadership Dance: Mind if I Cut In?

Leadership transition is just as difficult as you'd expect

February 27, 2019

7:30 AM - Breakfast and Networking
8:00 AM - Presentation, Discussion & Program to Practice
9:30 AM - Networking

Leadership and ownership transition are much like an awkward dance, with both generations asking who should lead.

In real life, few family businesses formally prepare for transition, which causes the senior and younger generations to not be on the same page. Colliding interests, desires, and timelines can bring up sensitive issues of resistance to change, overconfidence, entitlement, and problems letting go. It seems these mixed signals come down to the younger generation's patience to stay and the senior generation's stubbornness to let go.

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