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2015 Global Leadership Summit

Speaker: Keynote - Robert Hughes, President, Worldwide Operations, Akamai International
Location: Raytheon Amphitheater, Egan Research Center, 120 Forsyth Street, Boston, MA

Virtual Global Leadership: Leading When You Can't Be There

Global leaders must influence people and drive work in locations that are physically distant and contextually different from each other. Managing globally distributed work is often framed as a choice between travel and virtual communication, or sequencing both over time. But global leaders know that the question is much more profound than the transaction of communication.

-How can you be continuously present - assessing the context, influencing the values that guide decisions, motivating and empowering - without being physically present?
-How can you ensure others lead and influence consistently around the globe, while encouraging local opportunities?
-How do you engage employees to be motivated and committed to the global organization, when most will never see headquarters?

In the 2015 Global Leadership Summit, we will explore leading edge ideas about structures, tools, culture and values, and other ways in which global leaders effectively manage distributed work. We will identify implications for developing and supporting global leaders, and leave with inspiration about the potential of global leaders to lead when they can't be there.