Centers and Institutes

Our centers and institutes are a manifestation of the school’s mission - with particular emphasis on globalization, technology, and innovation. These focused, integrated programs combine research, education, and outreach activities to serve the needs of both the business and academic communities. Northeastern’s centers and institutes are valuable assets in our quest to achieve greater national and international recognition as a leading, practice-oriented business school. 

Center For Family Business

This membership-based educational program focuses on the unique interests of emerging leaders, successors and senior generation family members who are stakeholders in their family businesses. LEARN MORE

Center for Emerging Markets

This center was founded in 2007, and is dedicated to conducting research on how firms can leverage high-growth emerging markets for global competitive advantage and to disseminating best practices for success in such countries. LEARN MORE

Center for Health Policy and Healthcare Research

The center's mission is to promote the efficiency, quality and accessibility of health care services through innovative research, education, and policy analysis. LEARN MORE

Center for Entrepreneurship Education

The Center for Entrepreneurship Education is a university-wide resource that integrates entrepreneurship and innovation courses, entrepreneurial co-ops in early stage companies, venture incubation through our on-campus IDEA program, and venture funding and launch by helping our entrepreneurs network into the local angel and VC community. We serve undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and alumni from every college in the university. LEARN MORE

Business Sustainability Initiative

The Business Sustainability Initiative encourages and supports initiatives that promote sustainability in research, teaching, and service as well as in collaborations with industry and other colleges in the university. LEARN MORE

Institute for Global Innovation Management

A joint initiative of the D'Amore-McKim School of Business and the School of Law, this institute conducts applied, practice-oriented research to understand and improve the competitiveness of technology-intensive companies in today’s global economy. LEARN MORE

Social Enterprise Institute

The Social Enterprise Institute at Northeastern University is focused on using social enterprise as a platform for teaching the importance of integrity, compassion, global awareness and social responsibility in all types of management and leadership. LEARN MORE

School of Technological Entrepreneurship 

STE offers both undergraduate and graduate programs that teach students how to create technology-based businesses, market science- and engineering-based products and obtain the financing necessary to fund growth. We cover important topics you must know to survive and thrive in the technology-based business world, including intellectual property rights, licensing and product development strategies. LEARN MORE

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