Every engagement starts with getting to know your organization better.

  • What significant challenges do you face? 
  • What's your competitive environment like? 
  • What types of skills and competencies do you wish to foster? 
  • We explore these and other issues with you to form a basis for collaboration around program design, development and delivery.

A program design and delivery timetable can be measured in weeks, not months. Steps involved in the process include:

1. Identify organizational learning objectives
2. Determine delivery vehicles, schedules and formats
3. Develop program material
4. Run a pilot
5. Refine and adjust the program based on the pilot
6. Formal program launch launching the program
7. Client feedback and continuous improvement

We pride ourselves on being responsive, thoughtful, and understanding of our clients’ issues and needs. We turn things around quickly; we adjust plans to meet budget or time requirements of our clients; we listen and respond to client suggestions and requirements; and we change and flex as situations develop. Because all our work is custom, we know these attributes are prerequisites for our success.

Responsive, flexible thoughtful, and well-schooled. These are a few of the words I would use to describe our experience working with Northeastern.

— Client Executive

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