Beyond the MBA: Insights for Tech Executives

Dates: June 5–8, 2017 / November 14–17, 2017

Business Strategy for Seasoned Tech Executives

D'Amore-McKim School of Business and CIO are pleased to present this four-day master class delivering business insights to give you a new perspective on how to create value and drive strategic change in your organization.​ This four-day master class delivers business insights to give you a new perspective on how to create value and drive strategic change in your organization. As decision makers, you will examine new business models and debate potential outcomes with a strong group of peers guided by our expert Northeastern faculty. Our interdisciplinary approach will ensure you leave with ideas and skills applicable across your organization. And, the connections you make among classmates will support you in your journey. We’ll reconnect three months after the course in a virtual space to reflect on the learnings and their impact in your environment.

Insights for Advanced Leadership

Beyond the MBA will steep you in the essential concepts and practices for thriving in a marketplace defined by change and disruption. Topics covered in the four-day immersion include:

  • Disruption and Value Creation
  • Platforms and Innovation
  • Customer-centric Marketing
  • Acquisitions and Alliances
  • Metrics to Drive Results
  • Leading Change

Put Your New Perspective to Work

At the heart of Beyond the MBA is a team-based project during which you’ll evaluate disruptions, innovations and new value creation opportunities presenting your analyses to the rest of the class.

Learn from the Best

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business has recruited internationally recognized and highly respected faculty to lead the Beyond the MBA program, including:

  • Professor Samina Karim, a leading experts in corporate strategy, acquisitions, alliances and innovation, who has consulted and taught executives at organizations such as such as BP, Dell EMC, Ericsson, IBM, and KPN.
  • Professor Fernando Suarez is a serial entrepreneur and has published widely in the areas of innovation and technology strategy, platform competition, and the role of services in product firms.
  • Professor Yakov Bart, an expert in customer centric marketing studies the impact of digital technologies and social media on advertising effectiveness. His global consulting includes work for General Motors, Google, Havas and Intel.
  • Professor Mario Maletta is a recognized thought leader in financial and managerial decision making and has trained senior executives at Price Waterhouse-Coopers, Dell EMC, IBM, and M&M Mars.
  • Professor Juan Sebastian Montes explores the impact of technology on organizational strategy and behavior and has consulted with ING, Telefónica Internacional, Boeing, La Caixa and Ford.

Who should attend Beyond the MBA?

Technology executives like YOU! Beyond the MBA is specifically designed for CIOs and technology leaders who want to leverage their technical expertise to create customer value and assume greater strategic leadership roles within their organizations.

For more information, contact Darlene Webb, Senior Program Manager at or (617)-373-2131.

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