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D’Amore-McKim is committed to collaborating closely with our Executive Education clients to design programs that meet their strategic professional and business development needs.

We get to know you

Through conference calls, site visits and in-person meetings, our experienced program managers and faculty will develop a nuanced understanding of four elements:

  • The strategic challenges and opportunities you face
  • The nature of your competitive environment
  • The talent pools, divisions or teams you want to focus upon
  • The capabilities and competencies you wish to foster

We design, test, and refine

Based on our in-depth needs assessment conversations, we will work with you to develop business education programs that meet your specific needs. The steps we’ll take together include:

  • Clear agreement on the business needs to be addressed
  • Identifying learning objectives
  • Assembling the best faculty team
  • Developing the program design and material
  • Refining and adjusting based on the pilot
  • Launching the program broadly
  • Soliciting feedback and conducting evaluations for continuous improvement

Learn more about our Executive Education design process

We would be happy to explain our program development process in further detail. Contact Christina Jaracz, director of business development, at 617.373.7203 or c.jaracz@neu.edu to learn more.

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