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Delivering for the New Ways of Learning

To build a culture that is connected, resilient and innovative, you need the right people working together on the most meaningful strategic issues. This is often, but not always, best done through intensive face-to-face learning experiences. 


New learning technologies and practices enable our group to suit your particular needs:

  • expertly-managed live-virtual sessions to link your dispersed audience

  • real-time virtual team working sessions applying the learning, coached by our faculty

  • asynchronous, online, self-paced modules (ideal for foundational concepts)

  • social learning platforms integrated into programs to help build your learners’ internal network and enable immediate, self-directed interaction with the learning 

  • digital, scalable, interactive programs and specializations for deeper dives at each learner’s pace

Digital Learning for the Enterprise

That last format will become increasingly important in enterprise learning, and we are there today.  

  • D’Amore-McKim has introduced a four-module specialization for those in or supplying the Healthcare industry. It addresses important industry dynamics including healthcare policy, regulations, technology, and views from the payer, provider, and patient. 

  • In early summer 2019, we will launch the four-module specialization Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services, and what industry professionals need to know and do to become champions of selected technologies for their part of the enterprise. Additional industries will be added to this AI series.

These programs are hosted on major platforms and are also be available for inclusion in your corporate LMS. We’d be delighted to talk with you about your digital learning needs.

Badging and Micro-Credentials


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