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Wengang Yang
Sales and Leasing Agent, Realty Lords Inc.
Shanxi, China

Wengang Yang

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration for International Students


Q: How did the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration for International Students open doors for your future?

A: This program helped me a great deal. First of all, it was an important experience for me before entering the master's program or working in the U.S. Through this program, you can really learn what university life is like in the U.S. and what you really want to study and where you want to work after the program concludes. Because students are from all around the world, I learned so much from my classmates as well as the faculty. I made friends from all around the world, and expanded my global view. Additionally, I became eligible for the OPT (Optional Practical Training) after successfully completing my 8 month program and this work experience is invaluable to my future career.

Q: How did you grow personally and professionally through the course?

A: Personally, I made a lot of friends from all around the world. Even though some of them went back to their countries, we are still connecting with each other. They have invited me to go to their countries and I am sure I will visit them there in the future. For those who are still here in the U.S., we hang out together in Boston and I don’t feel alone as a result.  Professionally, I learned a lot from my teachers in this program. Our teachers are very professional. They had plenty of experience both working professionally and academically.  When I have professional problem with my work, I always ask them to help. They are always willing to help me with any business issue or work related question I have. Moreover, I'm doing my OPT (Optional Practical Training) now for an American company. The knowledge I gained through the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration is being applied to my work and gaining that work experience in the U.S. sets me apart from other professionals.

Q: How has Northeastern’s reputation in the business world helped give you an advantage in your career?

A: As one of best universities in Boston, I met plenty of Northeastern alumni and students through my job. I'm working for a real estate company and some of my coworkers are also from Northeastern University as are many of my clients. It helps me expand my networking. When we know we are from Northeastern, we feel more connected!