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Product Manager, LogMeIn

Jake Johnson



Q: How is the D’Amore-McKim Corporate Residency different from a traditional internship?

A: From the very first day you are there not only to learn, but to also be productive. For example, when I started my Corporate Residency at LogMeIn, I had to get up to speed on their business model and practices. At the same time, I was trusted with complete assignments and presentations. In fact, during my second week, I was presenting a competitive analysis on a major competitor. I cannot imagine another program placing students into jobs where employers trust our background and our studies to such an extent.

Q: How did you impact the business?

A: When I arrived, there was a pressing need for a link between our sales teams and my product team. I’ve now taken over that role, overseeing all competitive analysis for the company. Furthermore, I now manage our financial modeling for one of our products, and I’m responsible for evolving this complex model as needed.

Q: How has the Corporate Residency solidified your career path or set you up for success in the long run?

A: I started full­time with LogMeIn after finishing my MBA in June 2015. Through my Residency, I was exposed to the technology industry and found out that that is where I wanted to work. My career decision has been hugely influenced by my successful and enriching Corporate Residency at LogMeIn.

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