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MS in International Management for BSIB Students

Accelerate your academic career with the Plus One Program

The Bachelor of Science in International Business and Master of Science in International Management PlusOne Program (BSIB/MSIM PlusOne Program) allows undergraduate students to accelerate their academic career and complete both the BSIB and MSIB degrees in five years. This program allows a student to take up to 15 credits of graduate course work during the last semester of her/his senior year and apply those credits toward both the BSIB and the MSIM degrees. Then, in the following semester the student has to complete an additional 15 credits of graduate work to complete the MSIM requirements. A student must complete 30 graduate credits, including required courses and electives. The BSIB/MSIM Plus One Program starts in the fall term only and finishes with the subsequent spring term. All coursework is completed at Northeastern’s Boston campus.

A BSIB student interested in the BSIB/MSIM PlusOne Program must plan her/his BSIB curriculum carefully to ensure eligibility to join the BSIB/MSIM PlusOne Program in the fall of the senior year. This planning has to be done in close consultation with the student’s undergraduate advisor.

Program Fast Facts

  • 30 credits of graduate coursework are required
  • 15 graduate credits count towards both senior year BSIB requirements and MSIB requirements
  • The BSIB degree must be completed by December of your senior year.
  • The MSIM degree must be completed by the end of your senior year


Following is the standard curriculum for the D'Amore-McKim School of Business MSIM program. Because every BSIB student has had a unique undergraduate program of study the MSIM program curriculum will be adjusted as necessary to meet each BSIB/MSIM PlusOne student’s needs within the overall framework of this standard curriculum. This curriculum aims to give graduates advanced business knowledge necessary for leading roles in international management.

Note: All graduate courses are three credits. Curriculum is expected to evolve over time.

Fall Semester


  • FINA6209 – Managerial Finance*
  • MGSC6209 – Business Statistics*
  • *Students who have earned a B or higher in undergraduate equivalent courses may waive these courses and replace them with another graduate-level course as determined by the department.

Electives: Choose 3 of the following 5

  • MECN6203 – Global Managerial Economics
  • INTB6201 – International Business Management: a cross-cultural approach
  • MKTG6206 – International Marketing
  • ENTR6220 – Family Business Leadership and Governance in the Global Environment
  • ENTR6225 – Corporate Entrepreneurship: Global Acquisitions and Alliances
Spring Semester


  • INTB6260 – Strategic Decision-making in a Global Environment
  • INTB6226 – Becoming a Global Leader 

Electives: Choose 3 of the following 5

  • FINA6204 – International Financial Management
  • INTB6232 – Emerging Markets and Corporate Strategy
  • ENTR6200 – Enterprise Growth and Innovation
  • SCHM6213 – Global Supply Chain Management
  • STRT6210 – Global Workforce Metrics and Analytics

Are you eligible to apply?

Criteria for acceptance of BSIB/MSIM Plus One Students and GMAT/GRE/TOEFL/IELTS waiver:

  1. Currently enrolled in the BSIB Program at Northeastern
  2. Minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA
  3. Completion of at least one BSIB year abroad*
  4. Successful completion of one additional co-op
  5. Successful completion of prerequisite undergraduate course work**

* One semester (Fall or Spring) of study with a partner institution. Coursework taken abroad must include upper level course work toward the business degree. In addition, one co-op must be held in the host institution’s country.

**Prerequisite undergraduate course work:

  • INTB1202 – (or BUSN 1101 if a transfer student from BSBA): Becoming a Global Manager
  • INTB2202 – Analyzing the Global Business Environment
  • ACCT1202 – Financial Accounting in a Global Context (or ACCT1201 Financial Accounting)*
  • MGSC2301 – Business Statistics*
  • ACCT2302 – Managerial Accounting in a Global Context (or ACCT2301 Managerial Accounting)*
  • FINA2202 – Financial management in a Global Context (or FINA2201 Financial Management)*
  • INTB3202 – Managing the International Assignment

The BSIB/MSIM Plus One Program starts in the fall term only. Careful curriculum planning with your undergraduate advisor is important to ensure that you are eligible to join and begin the program in the fall. At this time, applications are submitted through the undergraduate academic advisor.

*Students must have earned a B or higher to waive the graduate equivalents of these courses and replace them with other graduate-level courses as determined by the department.

When can I apply?

Students will apply during their junior year.

Application deadline: February 15

Admissions decisions released: March 15

Deadline for enrollment: April 15

Application Requirements

  1. Application for admission (via your undergraduate academic advisor)
  2. Personal statement
  3. Two letters of recommendation (1 faculty, 1 employer)
  4. Resume
  5. Transcript
  6. Application fee is waived

Guidelines of the PlusOne Program

  • Students will complete the course requirements for both degrees that include shared graduate course credits approved for the PlusOne Program.
  • A maximum of 16 undergraduate semester hours of credits may be waived via graduate course sharing. Course credits waived via any course credit sharing will be at the undergraduate level only.
  • The undergraduate degree will be awarded at the completion of undergraduate requirements.
  • After the completion of the undergraduate curriculum in the fall term, a student becomes a graduate student. At this point, the student will have a graduate transcript for the remainder of the program.
  • Tuition and services (e.g., campus housing availability) will align with the student status, undergraduate or graduate.
  • Because the PlusOne program saves students 15 credit hours that are double counted, they are not eligible for any graduate scholarships including the double husky scholarship

For more information contact

Elitsa Banalieva: Academic Program Director, Associate Professor, International Business and Strategy

Email: e.banalieva@northeastern.edu


Diane Duchardt: Assistant Director of Student Services, Bachelor of Science in International Business Program

Email: d.duchardt@northeastern.edu


Sandra Leyne: Assistant Director, Program and Student Services, MSIM Program (Semester 2)

Email: s.leyne@northeastern.edu


To learn more about this program, contact academic advising.