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PlusOne Business Programs

Jump-Start Your Graduate Education Accelerate your academic career with Northeastern University's PlusOne Accelerated Master's program. You'll study graduate level coursework during your senior year and apply the credits toward both a bachelor's and master's degree.



What's The Advantage?

  • Double-Count Your Coursework – Up to 16 credits earned count toward a bachelor’s and master’s degree, allowing you to receive your graduate degree one year sooner than you would in a traditional master’s program.
  • Cut Down On Costs – Those 16 credits will count toward both your undergraduate and graduate education at no additional cost.
  • Gain a Competitive Edge – By 2022, 18 percent of jobs will require a master’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Outearn Your Peers – Advanced degree holders earn a salary that averages 35 percent higher than bachelor’s degree holders.

Admission is based on the academic standards defined by the specific PlusOne program students are applying into. Upon successful completion of the program’s undergraduate degree requirements, students earn guaranteed placement in their graduate degree program. If a student decides at some point to pursue only the undergraduate portion of the PlusOne program, all regular undergraduate program and course requirements will apply. Credit from the undergraduate degree cannot be used toward the graduate degree at a later date.