Supply Chain Management Concentration

The Big Decisions From the Fortune 500 manufacturer to the small firm that produces, sells, or distributes products, all companies have a supply chain function that must be effectively managed if they are to be competitive. Get a seat at the decision-making table by learning an increasingly valuable skillset.

Rebecca Dodier, BSBA'17"My co-ops were all at Johnson & Johnson and it was there that I really saw how supply chain affects the overall business and how it is all about the customer."— Rebecca Dodier, BSBA'17

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Stephen Mais, BSBA'17"Walking through my warehouse with only products that I had purchased or planned for during my co-op at Neutrogena, I understood the scale of the work I do." — Stephen Mais, BSBA'17

Bourgeoning Careers in Supply Chain Management

As companies become increasingly involved in global markets, supply chain managers play a major role not only in assessing the feasibility of international activity but also in developing supply and distribution networks to support that involvement. With supply chain expertise, you’ll be involved in making critical decisions about such matters as the modes of transportation used to move the company’s materials and products, inventory policies, warehousing needs, customer service standards, and the location of facilities. In addition to finding career opportunities with manufacturers, retailers, and distributors, you may find similar opportunities with companies that sell supply chain services or transportation services in the marketplace. Consulting firms and government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels provide other career options.


Curriculum Details

Find the full set of program requirements for our BSBA/SCM and BSIB/SCM degrees, including sample plans of study and co-op requirements, in Northeastern's 2016-17 Course Catalog. Upperclassmen: You should consult previous catalogs and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework is on track.

Required Supply Chain Concentration Courses Credits
SCHM 3301 — Global Supply Chain Strategy 4
SCHM 3305 — Sourcing and Procurement 4
SCHM 3310 — Logistics and Transportation Management 4
Choose One of the Following Supply Chain Electives Credits
SCHM 3308 — Supply Chain Analytics 4
SCHM 3320 — Demand Planning and Forecasting 4
SCHM 3330 — Sustainability and Supply Chain Management 4
SCHM 4401 — Advanced Problems in Supply Chain Management 4