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Study and Practice Effective Management

Managing people, projects, and programs requires a considerable range of knowledge and skills. Effective managers must understand the business, be interpersonally competent, behave ethically, and diagnose and deal with human and organizational dynamics. Assemble the right toolbox with concentration courses that emphasize “how to” manage effectively. By choosing to study management in depth, you'll learn the principles of motivation, leadership, negotiation, conflict resolution, project management, managing teams, organizational change, and their impact on business results. Some of your courses will be primarily skills oriented; they teach "how to." Others are more content oriented; they teach "about management."


Curriculum Details

Find the full set of program requirements for our BSBA/Management and BSIB/Management degrees, including sample plans of study and co-op requirements, in Northeastern's 2016-17 Course Catalog. Upperclassmen: You should consult previous catalogs and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework is on track.

Required Management Concentration Courses Credits
MGMT 4501 — Skills for Managerial Success 4
Complete 12 Credits in Management Electives Credits
MGMT 3302 — Negotiating in Business 4
MGMT 3330 — Developing Leaders for Global Sustainability 4
MGMT 3340 — Managing Healthcare Organizations: Critical Challenges and New Approaches 4
MGMT 3420 — Managing Human Capital 4
MGMT 3435 — Social Networks and Organizations 4
MGMT 3510 — Managing Global Teams Virtually and Locally 4
MGMT 3530 — Project Management 4
MGMT 4310 — The Management Practices of Great Organizations 4
MGMT 4410 — Human Resources and Workforce Analytics 4
MGMT 4603 — Leadership Seminar 4
ENTR 2215 — Understanding Family Enterprise 4


Alicia Kennedy, BSBA'17""Another great course was Negotiation in Business. It was very hands on. In almost every class, we were trying out a new negotiation technique or skill." — Alicia Kennedy, BSBA'17

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Javier Nunez Silva, BSBA'17"In my current co-op, I have been able to listen to the firm's CEO give a talk about the company's future. I realized I would one day like to be in his shoes, running a company." — Javier Nunez Silva, BSBA'17