Entrepreneurship and Innovation Concentration

Lead the Pack Want to be a startup entrepreneur or corporate innovator? Northeastern’s thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and the skills you’ll master in this concentration will help you launch a fast-paced, rewarding career.

Nina Waskiewicz, BSBA'17"After taking one entrepreneurial elective in this subject area, I was hooked. This class shaped the rest of my Northeastern career, co-op experiences, and my future plans."
— Nina Waskiewicz, BSBA'17

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Blake Billiet, BSBA'17"If you concentrate in Entrepreneurship you should push yourself to gain exposure to as much of the field as you can and try to tie it back into what you learn in the classroom."
— Blake Billiet, BSBA'17

Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Northeastern

Our renowned faculty have been entrepreneurs and innovators in their own careers and are now accomplished researchers. They’ll teach you to assess personal aptitude and potential for small business, find and evaluate business opportunities, secure essential funding; and you’ll learn to organize and manage such functional business areas as manufacturing, marketing, accounting, and finance. Choose from three specific tracks of study—technology entrepreneurship, family business entrepreneurship, and social entrepreneurship—and land exciting co-ops in early stage firms, established companies, and family businesses where the drive to innovate is strong.

Do it all in an environment that prioritizes new ventures. At the heart of it all is Northeastern’s Center for Entrepreneurship Education, which orchestrates the university’s system of experiential entrepreneurship education. There’s also the Center for Family Business and the Social Enterprise Institute, which offer additional support for specialized entrepreneurial activity. From classroom education and co-ops to incubating new ventures right on campus via IDEA, you’ll find ample support for your own pursuits.


Curriculum Details

Find the full set of program requirements for our BSBA/E&I and BSIB/E&I degrees, including sample plans of study and co-op requirements, in Northeastern's 2016-17 Course Catalog. Upperclassmen: You should consult previous catalogs and your academic advisor to ensure your coursework is on track.

Required Entrepreneurship & Innovation Concentration Course Credits
ENTR 2301 — Innovation!
  Or ENTR 2303 — Entrepreneurial Marketing and Selling
Complete 1 of the Following Capstone Courses Credits
ENTR 4501 — Business Planning for Technology Ventures 4
ENTR 4503 — Business Planning for Small and Medium Enterprises 4
ENTR 4506 — Advanced Studies in Social Enterprise 4
Complete 8 Credits in Electives Credits
ENTR 2206 — Global Social Enterprise 4
ENTR 2215 — Understanding Family Enterprise 4
ENTR 2414 — Social Responsibility of Business in an Age of Inequality 4
ENTR 3210 — Social Impact Investing: Connecting Compassion and Capital 4
ENTR 3212 — Innovation for Social Change 4
ENTR 3217 — Global Family Business Leadership 4
ENTR 3219 — Microfinance: Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Developing World 4
ENTR 3220 — International Entrepreneurship and Innovation 4
ENTR 3305 — Business Modeling for Entrepreneurs 4
ENTR 3306 — Global Entrepreneurship 4
ENTR 3316 — Microfinance and Economic Development in Latin America 4
ENTR 3320 — Base of Pyramid Innovation 4
ENTR 3326 — Sustainability in the Latin American Business Environment 4
ENTR 3330 — Lean Design and Development for Entrepreneurs 4
ENTR 3336 — Resource Management and Renewable Energy in Iceland 4
ENTR 3348 — Family Business: A Global Perspective 4
ENTR 3401 — Management of Operations and Growth in Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises 4
ENTR 3403 — Managing Operations in a Technology-Based Startup Firm 4
ENTR 3410 — Entrepreneurship and Intrapraneurship in Innovation-Driven Markets 4
ENTR 3520 — Impact Investing and Social Finance 4
ENTR 4225 — Corporate Entrepreneurship through Global Growth, Acquisitions, and Alliances 4
ENTR 4512 — Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in India 4
FINA 4610 — Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation Valuation, and Private Equity 4