About the Business Minor

Open to all non-business students, the minor in business administration is designed to expose students to the core areas of business and enhance their understanding of business theory, practices and applications. The eligibility requirements for students wishing to complete a minor in Business Administration are a minimum 2.0 QPA as a full-time undergraduate student in another NU school. The minimum requirements for completion are a minimum 2.0 QPA in business courses all taken in the D'Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern. The minor will be posted on the official transcript within one month of graduation date and no classes will be taken for a pass/fail grade.

To declare a minor in Business, please fill out the Business Minor Petition and submit the form to 250 Dodge Hall. If you have further questions regarding the business minor, please contact Stephanie Dolce.


The minor in business administration is composed of five courses, four of which are required and one that can be chosen based on a student's area of interest. Students may take one course for the minor at a Northeastern-sanctioned study abroad program. The course must be approved by the D'Amore-McKim School of Business prior to departure.

Required Courses:

ACCT1209: Financial Accounting and Reporting 
ORGB3209: Organizational Behavior 
FINA2209: Financial Management* (Prereq. ACCT 1209) 
MKTG2209: Introduction to Marketing (Prereq. sophomore standing or above)
ACCT1209, FINA2209, MKTG2209 are offered as online courses during the Fall and Spring Semesters. During the Summer Sessions, students pursuing the minor may register for ACCT1201, FINA2201, or MKTG2201 (all in-class sections) as long as the pre-requisites are met.

Electives (choose one):

ACCT3304: Business Law and Professional Ethics
ENTR1201: The Entrepreneurial Universe
ENTR2206: Social Entrepreneurship
ENTR2301: Innovation!
ENTR2303: Entrepreneurial Marketing
ENTR3215: Family Business Management
INTB1209: International Business and Global Social Responsibility
MISM2301: Management Information Systems (access to register during Summer Sessions only if space permits) 
FINA1209: Personal Finance
FINA2720: Sustainability in the Business Environment
INTB2501: Emerging Markets in the Global Economy
MGMT3340: Managing Health-Care Organizations

*Engineering students may substitute ME 2315, IE 4512, or CIVE 3464 

Please note: 
Minor courses listed above are reserved for business minors only. Similarly titled courses that have course numbers ending in "1" are for business majors and may not be taken unless no minor section is offered. In the event of a conflict with required courses for your major, contact the D'Amore-McKim School of Business undergraduate office to request an exception to enroll in a business major section. Students will only be granted such exceptions if they have the necessary prerequisites and there are seats still available at the beginning of the semester.