Fast Facts

Q: What kinds of subjects will I study?

A: Your focus is international business, but you will also study other business subjects as part of your core curriculum. You will have the opportunity to concentrate in a functional area, such as accounting or marketing, while tailoring your international focus to your interests, with courses such as international labor relations, international markets, and global economics. Courses such as these will enhance your understanding of the problems involved in operating businesses across boundaries and teach you to analyze the operations of businesses in multinational environments. 

At the higher levels, you will have the opportunity to take language courses specifically developed for the BSIB program. These courses will focus on the spoken word so you can converse easily when you study and work abroad. You will also study history, economics, political science and sociology, to learn about the culture of the people around the world with whom you will do business.

Q: What courses will I take in the first year?
A: Typical coursework completed during the first year includes
  • MATH1231: Calculus for Business 
  • ENGW1111: Freshman English 
  • ECON1116: Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENTR2301: Innovation! 
  • MGSC1201: Business Statistics 
  • ACCT1202: Financial Accounting in a Global Context
  • INTB1202: Becoming a Global Manager
  • A language Course
Q: How many courses will I take each semester?

A: Students enroll in 4 academic courses (4.0 credits each) for a total of 16.0 credits per semester. During some semesters there is an additional 1.0 credit hour course. These are courses designed to help freshmen acclimate to the University as well as preparatory courses that serve to guide the student to make career decisions and aid in the co-op process.

Q: When do I receive my first semester schedule?

A: You will be given a schedule at the D'Amore-McKim School of Business orientation session you attend.

Q: Who will my professors be? 

A: A number of the School's faculty members are specialists in the field of international business. Experts, for example, in developing countries or issues of international trade. They are widely published in academic and professional journals. They serve as consultants to both domestic and international organizations, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the US Department of Transportation. Their experience and achievements in the business world enliven and enrich your total academic experience.

Q: What opportunities are there to gain practical work experience?

A: You will participate in a 6-month domestic co-op experience which will expose you to international aspects of businesses located in the United States. As part of your year overseas (third or fourth year), you will spend six months working for a company in the host country of your chosen destination. You have the option of choosing to complete two or three co-ops during the duration of your studies.

Q: What skills can I develop through the BSIB Program?

A: You will gain the technical competence, cultural sensitivity and professional confidence that result from working, studying, and living in an international setting. Living and studying abroad will both enhance your language skills and offer you a sophisticated appreciation for other cultures. You will acquire a wide range of knowledge and skills through your co-op experiences. You may, for example, learn to analyze sales risk in Spanish, discuss national transportation policies in French, or prescribe solutions to manufacturing problems in German.

Q: What career options will I have when I graduate?

A: The BSIB program gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for a range of international or domestic positions. You might choose a career in international consulting, finance, marketing or management. Your understanding of global business markets combined with your classroom and cultural experiences will make you a valuable asset in any setting. Employers are impressed by the maturity and confidence that students gain during the year overseas.

Q: Are there requirements I need to meet before studying overseas? 

A: All students in the BSIB Program need to meet certain standards before being approved to study overseas. Some of the areas in which students will be evaluated include: GPA - a minimum 3.0 is required for overseas study, adequate language proficiency, attendance at all program meetings, successful completion of domestic co-op, and no judicial sanctions.

Q: How will tuition be charged while I am overseas?

A: Tuition is charged for academic terms only, no tuition is charged for co-op terms. While overseas, all tuition is paid directly to Northeastern University. You will remain registered as a full-time student at Northeastern during your time overseas.

Q: Am I still eligible for financial aid while overseas?

A: Generally yes, all financial aid, scholarships and grants apply while you are overseas. Federal work-study is not available at the partner institutions. You should be sure to see your Financial Aid Counselor before your departure to plan for the year abroad.