About Rikkyo University

Students who study Japanese on this track will spend the expatriate year at Rikkyo University in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1874 as St. Paul’s University, the campus is located in the commercial Ikebukuro district of north-eastern Tokyo. The Rikkyo University was established in April 2006, representing the culmination of a 100-year tradition of commerce-related education at Rikkyo University. The college aims to cultivate business professionals with the global values required to succeed in the global climate of the 21st century.

Please note: BSIB students are able to select coursework from the course offerings at all of the partner universities according to their specific curriculum needs. Some of the courses that may be taken include: Economics, Finance, Chinese/Japanese Politics, Chinese/Japanese Language. All course work is conducted in English. 

Students who choose to study Japanese spend the expatriate year at the partner university in Japan. All coursework at this partner university is conducted in English. The dual degree option is not available on this track.